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qwebirc100000Hi circuits chat... I'm looking to use websockets with circuits, but its different to the use case in the circuits examples18:18
qwebirc100000I'd like to use the websocket as a channel for distributing events, so that many clients can connect to the websocket, and they all get sent the same messages18:19
qwebirc100000which come from handlers picking up events on the circuits channels18:20
qwebirc100000I've been working with the websocket example here:
qwebirc100000(which is a good example of what I'd like to do)18:20
qwebirc100000but running into issues around async and event loops, and it's all feeling a bit messy.18:21
qwebirc100000Does anyone have a good example (or strategy) for cleanly picking up events in circuits and distributing them to a set of clients via a websocket?18:21
qwebirc100000So I've ended up keeping a list of sockets every time I get a "read", and then having a send_message function that iterates over those. It's a bit icky relying on read, though, and I can't figure out if there are any events sent on connection?18:49
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