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robert_okay so after having not used Circuits for eons01:03
robert_I'm trying to set up a handful of recurring timers that all tick at different times and for different reasons01:04
robert_I'm trying to set up a handful of recurring timers that all tick at different times and for different reasons, however when I use @handler, my timer events won't fire01:06
robert_when I don't, it works just fine01:06
spaceonei don't have the time right now bu maybe the next days01:08
spaceoneyou should paste code01:08
robert_no worries01:13
robert_so if I use a computed field, will that suffice for a DateTime object?03:54
robert_sorry, a getter/property03:54
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robert_sup Romster07:57
Romsterhi robert_08:09
robert_how goes it?08:09
Romsterjust a 2 hour power outage08:09
robert_oh fun08:09
robert_and it's been a long while :p08:10
Romsterwork is busy08:10
Romsteris this hellson right?08:10
robert_hellspawn, yes- it is me. from AustNet :p08:11
Romsteryeah hellspawn, i remember just my memory isn't the best08:11
robert_yeah no worries08:11
Romsterstill working in IT and doing more and more things.08:11
robert_what a shame about AustNet, huh?08:11
robert_We hit 10k and then it all went to shit, lmao08:12
Romstercouldn't cope with the load08:12
robert_anyway a few friends have carried over08:12
robert_anyway my timers are buggy as fuck08:12
robert_I guess08:12
robert_circuits.core.timers.Timer is being weird08:12
robert_(yeah two trains of thought lol)08:14
robert_happy to see you're in good health though! :D08:14
robert_how're you doing personally, though? family?08:16
Romstereh family is family brothers do there own thing mum and step-dad don't live together anymore.08:18
Romsteri keep my depression at bay and i still can't get enough mental energy to program much08:18
Romsteri'm using crux linux still and still maintain packages there08:19
robert_oh boy08:19
robert_I'm on arch these days08:19
Romstermaybe one day i might be the only one on  crux.... sepen is MIA some others have left not many have joined08:20
robert_no worries08:21
robert_and I'm working on my own homegrown OS08:28
spaceonerobert_: OS == operating system?09:10
spaceonerobert_: your example misses the things to start the app09:10
robert_oh yeah09:12
robert_I need to fix the event logging too09:12
robert_spaceone: there. :D09:15
robert_and yes, operating system.09:15
robert_any bugs, I will fix. :D09:15
spaceoneokay, tick is executed multiple times per second09:18
spaceone<tick:third.1[*] ( )>09:18
robert_I'm trying to fix that09:18
spaceonewhat is your expected thing?09:18
robert_like I want each of those to tick once an hour09:18
spaceoneand tick2 ?09:18
spaceoneand tick3 ?09:18
spaceonealso each hour?09:19
robert_yes, all four of those methods should only run once every hour09:19
robert_it's basically scheduling jobs to be run09:20
spaceonerobert_: hmm, looks like you give wrong arguments to Timer?!09:26
robert_it wants an interval, event, and either a list of channels and/or kwargs, yeah?09:27
robert_of which, persist is an optional kwarg09:27
robert_am I reading that right?09:28
spaceonewait, i ll have to look09:28
spaceonethe first interval is a negative time09:34
spaceonerobert_: btw, why are you using datetimes? if you want it to run every hour just give it 3600 ?09:35
robert_a negative time?09:36
spaceone82 minutes 2 seconds until 12:00PM09:38
spaceoneFIRST datetime.datetime(2018, 11, 22, 10, 37) -57.9109559059 1542879420.009:38
robert_I wanted it to run exactly at those times, regardless of when you ran the program09:39
robert_e.g. it could be stopped for maintenance09:39
robert_which would screw up the window09:39
robert_I screwed it up somehow09:40
spaceone   99 »   »   first = self.third_hour109:44
spaceone  100 »   »   i = mktime(first.timetuple()) - time()09:44
spaceone  101 »   »   print 'FIRST', repr(first), i, time() + i09:44
spaceone→ look, the first response of self.third_hour1 returns when put into mktime(first.timetuple()) - time() a negative value09:45
spaceonethis value is used as interval then09:45
spaceoneas it is negative it's the same as now()09:45
spaceonethen it gets executed on every tick()09:45
robert_but I'm returning a datetime()?09:46
robert_which get turned into negative numbers?09:47
spaceonewell, you are creating the datetime object by hand without microseconds09:48
spaceonebut even if you start it now() + 1 second it would tick every second i guess09:51
spaceoneyou should set the start time to in one hour09:52
spaceonemaybe you can create a timer which starts now, now + 20, now + 40 which then starts a timer every hour09:52
spaceoneyou know how to do this? or should i write an exmaple09:54
robert_TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'datetime.datetime' and 'int'09:54
robert_probably an example would help09:54
robert_if I stop responding, I probably passed out. it's 5AM10:01
prologicoh wow11:21
prologicbusy in here11:21
prologicwhat's up y'all?11:21
spaceoneprologic: i can't merge that pull request, need reviewer and stuff11:47
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spaceoneprologic: i yesterday showed circuits to a friend (for irc-bot things) and he immeditiately saw that strip() is broken... i think we should merge the thing in asap13:48
spaceoneand also the vulnerabiliy should be fixed13:48
spaceonewhich is the other PR13:48
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robert_prologic: sup man ltns19:16
GitHub105[circuits] prologic closed pull request #245: fix IRC color stripping (master...irc_color_stripping)
GitHub46[circuits] prologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub46circuits/master 1a7e74b ⁣ Florian Best: IRC: enhance stripping of colors (#245)21:25
prologicspaceone which one for vuln?21:26
spaceoneprologic: this one
spaceonethanks you for merging :)21:38
GitHub137[circuits] prologic closed pull request #254: Fix CRLF injection in IRC protocol (master...master)
GitHub122[circuits] prologic pushed 1 new commit to master:
GitHub122circuits/master a5f5802 ⁣ Florian Best: Fix CRLF injection in IRC protocol (#254)...21:40
robert_and btw I fixed my issue, so nevermind me. :D22:50

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