IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2018-11-28

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patxis there anyplace available to view an example of the Worker component in action, i noticed it was mentioned in the circuits.web user manual in reference to interfacing with a database01:43
patxi found factorial example so looking at that02:24
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spaceonehey prologic20:57
spaceonei want to try to implement some throttling for the IRC protocol component20:57
spaceonebecause if you send too much lines IRC servers usually disconnect you due to flooding20:57
spaceonei am not sure, how i will implement this. probably a new event, and wrap all PRIVMSG events i fire20:58
spaceonethis is not optimal but probably the fastest way to implemennt20:59
spaceoneas first draft for myself20:59
spaceonemaybe if anyone has a idea how to make this generic / (where)20:59
spaceonei can implement something for circuits directly20:59
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prologic_a generic component that listens for events on handlers that are decorated with "rate_limit"21:53
prologic_or "rate"21:53
prologic_with values like N/S where N is number and S is time interval21:54
prologic_then if the threshold is exceeded start dropping those events by filtering them out21:54
prologic_e.g: event.stop()21:54
prologic_or re-enqueue them up later21:54
spaceonesounds nice21:54
spaceonei currently think about implemented a yield sleep(); yield next_event()21:55

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