IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2018-11-29

spaceoneprologic: are you currently online?01:01
spaceonei have trouble with a task event01:01
spaceonei don't know how to get the return value of it01:01
spaceoneprobably i need to involve the task_success event01:06
spaceonebut not sure, even if i yield self.wait('task_success') it never finishes01:06
spaceonemaybe with some workaround i can set an attribute in task_success handler to True and make while not x.foobar: yield01:08
prologicI *thought* coroutines in circuits only worked from inside other event handlers as callers01:13
prologiccheck the Debugger logs and tests for the right behavior01:13
spaceonei am inside?01:14
prologicL37 & L3801:16
spaceoneokay i move this into another event01:18
spaceoneokay, got it working! thanks01:21
spaceoneprologic: thanks so much... i have a really nice irc bot now!01:36
prologicnps :)01:36
*** spaceonebot has joined #circuits01:38
spaceone.md5sum foo01:38
spaceone.echo foo | md5sum01:38
spaceone.echo acbd18db4cc2f85cedef654fccc4a4d8 | md5sum -d01:38
spaceone.md5sum foo | grep a01:39
spaceone.md5sum foo | grep x01:39
spaceone.md5sum foo | grep x && echo yes01:39
spaceonehm, wrong01:39
spaceone.md5sum foo > /dev/null01:39
spaceone.md5sum foo > /dev/null | grep a01:39
spaceonebotError: too many values to unpack01:40
spaceonehmm, exception handling is broken since i outsourced it into events :-/01:40
spaceonebotOkay, ready to crush tehbot!01:43
spaceone.md5sum foo > /dev/null | grep a01:43
spaceonebotOkay, ready to crush tehbot!01:44
spaceone.md5sum foo > /dev/null | grep a01:44
spaceonebotError: 'Namespace' object has no attribute 'args'01:44
spaceonevery nice :)01:44
spaceone.reload (does it work for threads, too?)01:46
spaceonebotOkay, ready to crush tehbot!01:46
spaceone.md5sum foo > /dev/null | grep a01:46
spaceonehm, not01:46
spaceonebotOkay, ready to crush tehbot!01:48
spaceone.md5sum foo > /dev/null | grep a01:48
spaceonebotbin/        etc/        home/       sbin/       var/01:48 -i01:48
spaceonebot1 bin/      2 etc/      22 home/    9 sbin/     4 var/01:48 /etc/passwd | grep root01:49
spaceonebotroot:x:0:0:root:/:/bin/false01:49 -h01:53
spaceonebotOkay, ready to crush tehbot!01:57 -h01:57
spaceonebotusage: cat [-h] filename01:57
spaceonebotpositional arguments:01:57
spaceonebot  filename01:57
spaceonebotoptional arguments:01:57
spaceonebot  -h, --help  show this help message and exit01:57
spaceoneokay, found a workarodun for exception handling.. just wrap everything into try-except: return sys.exc_info()01:58
*** spaceonebot has quit IRC02:01
spaceoneprologic: my throttling looks like this:
spaceonenot so generic, probably not worth to take into circuits currently02:10
spaceonebut maybe into the examples?02:11
spaceoneACTION going to sleep now :)02:11
prologicyeah feel free to put it into examples/02:58
prologicfor sure02:58
prologicg'night :)02:58
prologicnice bot :)02:58
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GitHub61[circuits] spaceone created fix_pytest_deprecation (+2 new commits):
GitHub61circuits/fix_pytest_deprecation 7ac2e0c SpaceOne: Fixup, last arg may be None21:14
GitHub61circuits/fix_pytest_deprecation 98125dd SpaceOne: First test21:14
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GitHub151[circuits] spaceone deleted fix_test_py27_syntax at 1d44be7:
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GitHub104[circuits] spaceone opened pull request #256: [WIP] Fix pytest deprecation (master...fix_pytest_deprecation)
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