IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2018-12-08

*** prologic has joined #circuits00:23
robert_hm I'm wondering now how something like Urwid would work with Circuits07:37
robert_and oops07:45
robert_AttributeError: 'Screen' object has no attribute 'get_input_nonblocking'07:45
robert_circ has a bug07:45
robert_File "", line 173, in _on_generate_events07:46
prologicrobert_ PR welcome to fix it :)08:42
prologicprobably just out-of-date :)08:42
robert_yeah will look at it soon08:42
robert_off to bed soon, it's nearly 4AM :p08:42
robert_us yanks live 12 hours behind you remember :p08:43
prologicACTION knows08:45
robert_I've been using Circuits for my underpinnings since I've started on this project08:47
robert_it's fantastic. :D08:47
robert_Finally I get to do something with it.08:47
robert_have you ever heard of Laravel? (it's a PHP web framework)08:48
prologicI havenot no08:50
prologicand awesome to hear :)08:50
robert_It makes web development in PHP bearable :p08:50
robert_anyway, I'm using this for my console app routing,
prologicwhy not circuits.web? :)08:53
robert_because existing code was in PHP and it was easier to work with what I had; besides I'm out of the web, and into the backend now :p08:54
prologicand :)08:59
robert_My goal is to be able to drop PHP entirely as a language08:59
robert_and in EWD, you need frameworks because otherwise you're lost in the weeds of setting up things like build tooling for web apps09:00
robert_and that makes web development very unhappy09:00
robert_EWD is what makes you pine for structured web frameworks :p09:01

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