IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2018-12-12

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spaceonei just had a very crazy memory leak with circuits17:10
spaceonei was not able to execute any programs anymore... ls, ps, reboot, etc. on my server because one circuits process choked all RAM17:11
spaceonekill still worked and read a < /proc/12345/cmdline17:11
spaceoneecho $a17:11
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prologicHave you seen the new libchirp?21:48
prologicLooks good and somewhat similar to circuits :)21:48
spaceonedo you want me to switch ;-D22:06
spaceoneif i would switch from circuits i would probably use tornado22:06
spaceoneand reimplement the event thing there22:06
spaceonechirp is supported by adfinis sygroup22:07
spaceonewhich is a partner company of my company ^^22:08
prologicno I'm not asking you to switch22:35
prologicjust saw it in my news feed today22:35
prologicI'd like to think circuits somewhat inspired many similar libraires and frameworks over the years22:35
prologicI believe it has :)22:35
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