IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2018-12-16

GitHub122[circuits] spaceone created fix_wsgi (+3 new commits):
GitHub122circuits/fix_wsgi ee60b94 SpaceOne: Fix import error11:48
GitHub122circuits/fix_wsgi 0d642ea SpaceOne: Fix circuits.web WSGI components for Python 3...11:48
GitHub122circuits/fix_wsgi 8effbdb SpaceOne: Fix circuits.web WSGI components for Python 2.7...11:48
GitHub88[circuits] spaceone opened pull request #257: Fix wsgi component for Python 2.7 and Python 3 (master...fix_wsgi)
GitHub173[circuits] spaceone pushed 1 new commit to fix_wsgi:
GitHub173circuits/fix_wsgi bdcecce SpaceOne: Test replacing inspect.getargspec13:20
*** patx has joined #circuits21:33
patxis there a way with @expose to make a function only accept certain http methods? or what is the best way to do this other and if statement checking what self.request.method is23:20

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