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prologicI've built a prototype of circuits in Go09:26
prologicit's very early days09:26
prologicBut I'm not convinced at all of its merit or added value09:26
prologicQ to all of you09:26
prologicWhat makes circuits (in Python) great/useful/worthwhile?09:27
spaceonefor me it's the coroutines are triggered by event names (instead of e.g. in twisted you have one function which is called on every event)11:06
spaceoneso in circuits one can hook into specific events11:06
spaceonethe problematic thing in circuits for me is that it's not possible to call events fast/directly, (e.g. the queue.push(0, my_event, priority=highest)11:09
spaceonein certain cases i don't need asynchronity but synchronity but want them to be designed as event handlers11:09
spaceoneanother problem is that i cannot trust it 100%. i had some days ago a very strange CPU consumption, which caused my server to crash after 2 seconds11:10
prologicspaceone thanks12:23
spaceoneprologic: i personally won't use Go, because i don't have the time to convert all my stuff to it12:27
prologicahh yes12:28
prologicthere is that :)12:28
spaceonebut i might invest some time to convert httoop to python3 and publish it then12:29
spaceoneit seems py2.7 will die in some years, so i have to do it12:30
prologic2020 I believe py2 is deprecated12:34
spaceoneyes, 1 year 4 days12:34
spaceoneprologic: oh and for me a big advantage of circuits is the not-threaded philosohpy12:59
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