IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2019-01-08

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spaceoneprologic: it would be very nice if we could feed exceptions back into coroutines20:08
spaceonewhat do you think about it?20:09
spaceonei will think about how we can implement it20:09
spaceone@handler def _on_foo(self):20:09
kdbUnknown Command: handler20:09
spaceone   try:20:09
spaceone        yield
spaceone    except BarError:20:10
spaceone        pass20:10
spaceonethis is a thing which circuits really misses... i think tornado and such have it20:10
prologicwe can and we do AFAIK20:25
prologicor at least we could using the .send() api of generators20:25
prologicso yes go for it20:26
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