IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2019-08-22

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Oxygenehy all21:44
spaceone1hi Oxygene22:00
Oxygenehow dy ?22:00
spaceonefine, and you?22:02
Oxygenefine too22:03
Oxygeneit's very quiet this chan22:03
spaceoneyes, not much content22:13
spaceoneare you using circuits?22:13
Oxygenenot really22:13
Oxygenethere are many year i study electronics22:13
Oxygenebut not experience22:14
Oxygenebut it's very interessting22:14
Oxygeneand you ?22:15
spaceoneoh, this channel is not about #electronics but about the python framework circuits22:15
spaceonesee /topic22:15
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