IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2020-03-26

*** patx has joined #circuits00:08
patxHey I was wondering how you could specify which functions to apply this auth showed here
patxlike have it auth an index func but not auth a public func, perhaps something with the priority?00:10
prologicif you set a priority up00:38
prologicand filter the event out you don't want00:39
prologicI forget exactly how to do this00:41
prologicBut thats the general idea00:41
prologicIf you get it working please submit a PR with an additinoal example showing others how00:41
patxsounds good00:43
patxyeha right now i am checking each function with
patxbut im working on figuring out the other way00:44
patxwill let you know :)00:44
prologicno proboems00:53
prologiceverything is circuits is event driven00:53
prologicand events have priority00:53
prologicand you can filter them out by calling event.stop() inside an event handler00:53
prologicso you might have to create a decorater/wrapper claled noauth()00:53
prologicthat sets an attribute on your function00:54
prologicanand when that event handler gets called looks for that attribute00:54
prologicif it exists called event.stop()00:54
patxill see what i can figure out after dinner00:56
patxthanks for the tip!00:56
prologicno problems00:58
*** patx has quit IRC01:40

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