IRC Logs for #cmvt Tuesday, 2013-04-02

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pvrdwboh deltas across time.  i see (i'm back)19:42
circuits0989d07da127 by prologic: Added start of sphinx docs via sphinx-quickstart tool19:53
circuitsae3a323898c9 by prologic: Added initial Fabric fabfile package (test and docs tasks for now)19:53
prologicyeah I was back a while ago :)19:54
prologichad lunch at my desk :/19:54
prologicyou guys both got bitbucket user accounts?19:55
prologicI assume Rob isn't on the project per say19:55
prologicjust lurking? :)19:55
DanielBaird(Rob's gone but he's used bbucket19:55
prologicwhat's your username? I'll add you to the ccav team19:55
DanielBairderm.. stand by19:55
DanielBairdit's probably danielbaird19:55
prologicI'll have a look19:55
prologicoh man no repos :)19:56
DanielBairdyeah i went to github more or less immediately after signing up19:56
DanielBairdonce i had a go at ruby i abandoned python, and (rather annoyingly) git is king in the ruby world19:57
prologicI'm the complete opposite19:58
DanielBairdso, i'm interested in what you think we're supposed to deliver19:58
prologicI first found Python 10+ years ago19:58
prologicand never looked back19:58
prologicI find Git's CLI not intuitive at all19:58
prologicso prefer Mercurial19:58
prologiceven for accessing Git repos with hggit extension19:58
prologichave you tried to install ccav yet?19:59
prologiclet's do that first, so we have something to talk against?19:59
DanielBairdi also preferred hg, i looked at a few distributed SCMs ages ago and tricking hated git.  still kinda hate it19:59
DanielBairdtricking?  i thought i typed "kinda"20:00
prologicyeah I can't stand git either20:00
prologicit's just so unintuitive to use20:00
prologichg clone
prologiccd ccav20:00
prologicpython develop20:00
prologicsee if that works20:00
prologicshould also pull down a copy of circuits-dev20:00
prologicthen simply run: ccav20:00
prologicif all goes well you should have something up on20:01
DanielBairddoes this not work on OSx's system python?20:02
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DanielBairdi'll add a vagrant file to this project i think.. but for now, I assume I should brew install python or soemthing20:02
DanielBairdactually i'll try changing perms on the system python site_packages dir20:03
prologicoh yeah20:04
prologicplease do brew install python :)20:04
prologicbrew install python20:05
prologicis far easier :)20:05
prologictrust me :)20:05
DanielBairdyeah tried to chmod my Library/Python/2.7/site-packages but meh too much effort20:05
prologicand tbh I'm not terribly sure how useful a vagrant config/build would be20:05
prologicas this will just run on Python + Mapserver20:05
prologicit's easy to setup and run on OS X20:05
prologicI'm looking at using Fabric for deployment anyway20:06
prologicit's nice and Pythonic20:06
prologicwhere we're deploying to in the end20:06
DanielBairdwell it means you can say vagrant up and get exactly linux system, versions of libraries, and config that you want.20:06
prologicis managed by our sysadmin team anyway20:06
prologicso they look after the host OS and packages, etc20:06
DanielBairdvagrant is only good for dev setup, really.. not for final deployment20:06
prologicwe just have to (or I have to) worry about deploying the application tiself20:06
DanielBairdbut it's great if you have windows people on your team20:06
prologicI'm just saying vagrant for dev setup isn't buying you much right now :)20:07
prologicyou'd still have to somehow tell vagrant to install and build map server and it's reps :)20:07
prologicstupid auto correct :)20:07
prologicif you want to go to the effort of building a vagrant build go right ahead :)20:08
prologicperhaps I'll learn form it :)20:08
DanielBairdyes, but all that goes in your Vagrantfile and happens magically for everyone.  but i agree, as long as it's just the two of us deploying it for development, it's not worth doing it20:08
prologicI haven't tried it yet (only read about it and read the docs)20:08
prologicbrew install python20:08
prologicbrew install mapserver20:08
prologicis all that's needed iirc20:08
prologicI did have to make a small change to mapserver's formula upstream which got accepted and pulled in20:09
DanielBairdoh no forgot.. new macbook20:09
prologicI've tar/bz2'd up the sample datasets I'm using right now20:09
prologicI've uploaded it to my personal server up in the US20:09
prologicit's here:20:09
prologicif you extract it in ccav/mapserver20:10
prologicthe file should work20:10
prologicyou *may* have to reconfigure the path to the MAPFILE in ccav/main.py20:10
prologicmaybe I'll make this relative brb20:10
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pvrdwblol back.  forgot how to leave the other room i was still in20:11
pvrdwbbeen a while since i IRCed20:12
pvrdwbmap server is still make installing20:13
prologiccan you not use relative paths in a map file?20:16
pvrdwbto find templates?20:17
prologicfor any path related config option20:17
prologicme neither20:17
pvrdwbknowing map server it'll be relative to something stupid20:17
prologicI find map server to be terribly documented20:17
prologicit's god aweful20:17
prologicI feel so hung up about that20:18
prologicthat I actually want to write my own map server20:18
pvrdwbthere are lines in map file examples that have a comment saying "required", and it won't work if you have it.  and lines commented as "optional" that you MUST have.  it's awful20:18
pvrdwbbut, please don't' write your own mapserver20:18
pvrdwbat least until after the project20:19
pvrdwbgdal and whatnot are installed.. now installing map server proper20:20
pvrdwbaargh it ends with an error20:20
pvrdwbhmm i probably haven't done the Xcode dance yet.20:22
pvrdwbwhen brew worked i thought i must have20:22
prologicbrew doctor20:25
prologicmake sure you have latest Xcode20:25
prologicand Xcode Command Line Tools20:25
pvrdwbyep most of the way through that.. osx must come with brew now or something20:27
pvrdwbokay back brewing again.  have to install numpy20:29
pvrdwbdefinitely going to make a Vagrantfile to make this simpler20:29
pvrdwbC02JKVMWDR53:ccav pvrdwb$ brew install mapserver20:31
pvrdwbError: mapserver dependency gd not installed with:20:31
pvrdwb  --with-freetype20:31
pvrdwbremoved gd so brew could install the one it wanted20:32
circuits9cdb12a98624 by prologic: Fixed mapfile and config to use relative paths. Fixed javascript code so it works.20:32
prologicwhat's bumpy used by?20:33
pvrdwbdunno, brew install map server asked for it.20:33
prologicfor mapscript20:33
pvrdwbyes i presume20:33
prologicI could write a fabric task to install all the required development deeps on an OS X platform via brew?20:34
prologicor you could write a Vagrantfile20:34
prologicwhichever :)20:34
pvrdwbit makes me nervous installing heaps of deps on my actual mac.  eventually you'll trash a projects's dep with another project20:35
pvrdwbso some VM based arrangement makes me feel heaps better20:35
prologicI was telling you the wrong url the whole time20:36
prologicsorry about that20:36
pvrdwbi copied the ssh url from the bitbucket page20:36
prologicgo for it :)20:36
prologicI actually tried using ProxMox VE as a VirtualBox guest on my Mac20:37
pvrdwbanyway i've just python setup develop -ed.. what was next?20:37
prologicstill have it up and running20:37
prologicand used ansible to spin up containers20:37
prologicand build required dependencies for a project20:37
prologicalso works great20:37
prologicI just wish OS X's kernel had jails20:37
prologicyou got the latest version?20:38
prologicI pushed a few changes that fixes a few things20:38
prologicgrab this as well20:39
prologiccd mapserver20:39
prologicmkdir data20:39
prologictar jxvf data.tar.bz220:39
prologiccd /path/to/ccav20:39
prologichg pull -u20:39
prologicopen http://localhost:9000/20:39
prologicbbs - gonna get me more go go juice :)20:40
pvrdwblol i always forget curl makes you specify an output filename.. otherwise it just spews the file content all over your term20:41
pvrdwb40 mins left in the download.. bbs20:41
pvrdwbstill got 24 mins to get that bz20:57
pvrdwbin the mean time20:58
prologicdoes ccav run?20:58
prologicit'll run without the datasets20:58
pvrdwbstand by20:58
prologicI think I'm pulling in an cloud made map of australia atm20:58
pvrdwbwhat is ccav supposed to do?  it's a dir20:59
prologicno no21:00
prologicrun "ccav"21:00
prologicin the top-level repo21:00
pvrdwbi have a ccav.egg-info, and a ccav dir21:00
pvrdwbin my root dir21:00
prologicccav --help21:01
prologicit gets installed21:01
prologicwhen you did python develop21:01
pvrdwbrem, dunno ages ago.  run it again?21:01
prologicsure why not21:02
prologicdoesn't hurt21:02
pvrdwbacutally it might have been with system python21:02
prologicyeah that wouldn't have worked then21:03
pvrdwbhmm no still dirs21:03
prologicpaste the output of python develop ?21:03
prologicyou might need to do:21:03
prologicpip install virtualenv21:03
prologicvirtualenv $HOME21:04
prologicthen things will start to work properly for you21:04
prologicagainst brew/local python21:04
pvrdwbi think there's supposed to be a python bin dir in my path, but there isnt21:05
prologicit should be $HOME/bin/21:05
pvrdwbmy ~/bin is in my path but there's nothing there from python21:06
prologicdid you follow the caveats of the python formulae?21:06
prologicbrew info python21:06
prologicespecially the bit about adding /usr/local/... to your $PATH21:07
prologicyeah ok21:07
prologicdo what I suggested above21:07
prologicpip install virtualenv21:07
prologicvirtualenv $HOME21:07
prologicthat should setup your home directory as a separate python environment21:07
pvrdwbyes i just need use/etc/python in my path21:07
pvrdwbstill against having a dev setup described in a Vagrantfile :)21:10
pvrdwbi need circuits too?  that wasn't optional>21:11
circuitsaee42489ee19 by prologic: Updated project requirements21:11
prologicwell once setup you shouldn't have to redo this :)21:11
prologiccan you paste the output of python develop ?21:11
prologicNB: I haven't tested any of this anywhere else so far21:11
prologicso forgive me if things are horribly broken on your Mac until I Iron stuff out :)21:12
pvrdwbhalf of these problems are because this is a new macbook, and I haven't done any python on it21:13
pvrdwbmy node.js environment is up to date :)21:13
prologichaha of course it is :)21:15
prologicnode.js is cool but I'm not prepared to work with it at this time21:15
prologicPython is my hammer :)21:15
pvrdwbno same here actually, i just use node to run coffeescript etc21:16
prologicIt has a huge wide varied eco-system of available libraries, tools and usefulness21:16
prologicahh yup21:16
prologicmakes sense21:16
prologictbh I'd prefer writing javascript in coffee script too21:16
prologicI should one day learn to do so21:16
pvrdwbso i checked out circuits-dev, do i run build or something>21:16
prologicrun python develop21:16
prologicthe ccav should have pulled that in automatically21:17
pvrdwbcofffeescript now has "literate" mode, just in case it wasn't awesome enough alrteady21:17
prologicwhy didn't it?21:17
prologicbtw circuits will be useful for you in general I think21:17
prologicyou can run circuits.web in any location21:17
prologicand by default it'll start a local web server on port 800021:17
prologicserving up files in the current directory21:18
pvrdwbccav complains about no circuits module21:18
prologiceven when you try to python develop it?21:18
pvrdwbi did a gem install asdf21:18
pvrdwbnow when i "asdf" in a dir it gets served at :929221:18
circuits7c879891ccfe by prologic: Updated dependency link of circuits-dev21:19
pvrdwb:) you should rename the circuits runner to "qwer"21:19
prologicvery funny :)21:19
prologicI'm going to test ccav's setup.py21:20
prologicsomething must be broken for you21:20
pvrdwbC02JKVMWDR53:ccav pvrdwb$ hg pull -u; python develop && ccav21:21
pvrdwbpulling from ssh://
pvrdwbsearching for changes21:21
pvrdwbno changes found21:21
pvrdwbrunning develop21:21
pvrdwbrunning egg_info21:21
pvrdwbwriting ccav.egg-info/PKG-INFO21:21
pvrdwbwriting top-level names to ccav.egg-info/top_level.txt21:21
pvrdwbwriting dependency_links to ccav.egg-info/dependency_links.txt21:21
pvrdwbwriting entry points to ccav.egg-info/entry_points.txt21:21
pvrdwbreading manifest file 'ccav.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'21:21
pvrdwbreading manifest template ''21:21
pvrdwbwarning: no files found matching 'LICENSE'21:21
pvrdwbwriting manifest file 'ccav.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'21:21
pvrdwbrunning build_ext21:21
pvrdwbCreating /Users/pvrdwb/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ccav.egg-link (link to .)21:21
pvrdwbccav 0.0.1dev is already the active version in easy-install.pth21:21
pvrdwbInstalling ccav script to /Users/pvrdwb/bin21:21
pvrdwbInstalling ccav script to /Users/pvrdwb/bin21:21
prologicdependency_links is configured wrong it seems21:21
pvrdwbInstalled /Users/pvrdwb/griffith/ccav21:21
pvrdwbProcessing dependencies for ccav==0.0.1dev21:21
pvrdwbFinished processing dependencies for ccav==0.0.1dev21:21
pvrdwbTraceback (most recent call last):21:21
pvrdwb  File "/usr/local/share/python/ccav", line 7, in <module>21:21
pvrdwb    execfile(__file__)21:21
pvrdwb  File "/Users/pvrdwb/griffith/ccav/scripts/ccav", line 3, in <module>21:21
pvrdwb    from ccav.main import main21:21
pvrdwb  File "/Users/pvrdwb/griffith/ccav/ccav/", line 12, in <module>21:21
pvrdwb    from circuits import Debugger, Manager21:21
pvrdwbImportError: No module named circuits21:22
pvrdwbC02JKVMWDR53:ccav pvrdwb$21:22
pvrdwbis it called circuits-dev or soemthing?21:22
prologicyou are right in installing circuits by hand21:22
prologicsorry about that21:22
prologicmy fault21:22
prologicI'll fix the in ccav21:22
prologicso it pulls it in automatically21:22
pvrdwbbbl gotta go track an academic down, might be ten mins21:22
pvrdwbcool i'll try it when i get back21:22
pvrdwbcrap he's not available.  shall i have another go?21:25
pvrdwbor thingy, centos>21:26
prologichang on21:26
prologicfixing it21:26
prologicdeploymment linux flavor?21:26
pvrdwbbbl chasing JJ21:26
prologicor what we use at work?21:26
pvrdwbi mean what linux should i use to be the base box for a vagrant vm21:28
pvrdwbfor this project, i mean21:28
pvrdwbBTW "JJ" = Jeremy VanDerWal, he's a slippery fellow and hard to catch21:29
prologicright :)21:31
prologicalmost fixed21:31
prologicuse CentOS21:31
prologicCentOS 6 preferably21:31
pvrdwbactually just good.  not in fact godlike in any particular way21:33
circuits1cfc946c0441 by prologic: Fixed setup dependency issues21:34
prologicjust re-testing one last time21:34
prologichopefully fixed now21:34
pvrdwb    raise DistributionNotFound(req)21:35
pvrdwbpkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: wsgi2cgi21:35
prologicwell it'll help with non-Python deps21:35
prologicthat's for sure21:35
prologicvirtualenv helps discover missing reps in Python21:35
prologicI use virtualenvwrapper21:35
prologicyou should too I think21:35
prologicit's pretty awesome21:35
pvrdwbProcessing dependencies for ccav==0.0.1dev21:36
pvrdwbSearching for wsgi2cgi==0.2.121:36
pvrdwbBest match: wsgi2cgi 0.2.121:36
pvrdwbProcessing wsgi2cgi-0.2.1-py2.7.egg21:37
pvrdwbwsgi2cgi 0.2.1 is already the active version in easy-install.pth21:37
circuits8b48f82e676f by prologic: We don't need ot use the development version of circuits )21:37
pvrdwbUsing /Users/pvrdwb/lib/python2.7/site-packages/wsgi2cgi-0.2.1-py2.7.egg21:37
prologicthere we go21:37
prologicdoing python develop21:37
pvrdwbI'm still getting the wsgi2cgi error21:37
prologicwill do the right thing now21:37
prologicyou'll need to: hg pull -u21:37
prologicpulling isn't automatic :)21:37
prologicalso I recommend a good .hgrc config21:38
prologicI'l paste mine (without passwords)21:38
pvrdwbi'm doing hg pull -u; python develop && ccav21:38
pvrdwbactually it's using my manual install of circuits, is that a problem?21:39
prologicnah shouldn't be21:41
prologic$ hg id21:42
prologic8b48f82e676f tip21:42
prologicyou at the same revision?21:42
prologicmy wife is picking me up in ~20mins or so (fyi)21:42
pvrdwbyep same id21:43
prologicshould work21:43
prologicdoes for me21:43
prologicpip uninstall foo21:44
prologicthis is where virtualenvwrapper is really handy btw21:44
prologicyou can do things like:21:44
prologicmkvirtualenv test21:44
prologicand then test becomes a new clean virtual environment21:45
prologicseparate to your $HOME21:45
prologicand separate to the system or brew python21:45
prologicand do things like:21:45
prologicworkon test21:45
prologic(switching environments)21:45
prologicdeactivate (go back to the normal local/brew environment)21:45
prologicthat's the basics21:46
prologicyou just need to pip install virtualenvwrapper21:46
pvrdwbthis looks crazy:21:46
pvrdwbUsing /Users/pvrdwb/lib/python2.7/site-packages/wsgi2cgi-0.2.1-py2.7.egg21:46
pvrdwbFinished processing dependencies for ccav==0.0.1dev21:46
pvrdwbTraceback (most recent call last):21:46
pvrdwb  File "/usr/local/share/python/ccav", line 4, in <module>21:46
pvrdwb    from pkg_resources import require; require('ccav==0.0.1dev')21:46
pvrdwb  File "/usr/local/Cellar/python/2.7.3/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/distribute-0.6.30-py2.7.egg/", line 2807, in <module>21:46
prologicand source /path/to/ in your $HOME/.profile21:46
pvrdwb    working_set.require(__requires__)21:46
pvrdwb  File "/usr/local/Cellar/python/2.7.3/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/distribute-0.6.30-py2.7.egg/", line 690, in require21:46
pvrdwb    needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))21:46
pvrdwb  File "/usr/local/Cellar/python/2.7.3/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/distribute-0.6.30-py2.7.egg/", line 588, in resolve21:46
pvrdwb    raise DistributionNotFound(req)21:46
pvrdwbpkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: wsgi2cgi21:46
pvrdwbC02JKVMWDR53:ccav pvrdwb$ pip list21:46
pvrdwbccav (0.0.1dev, /Users/pvrdwb/griffith/ccav)21:46
pvrdwbcircuits (2.1.0)21:46
pvrdwbwsgi2cgi (0.2.1)21:46
pvrdwbwsgiref (0.1.2)21:46
pvrdwbC02JKVMWDR53:ccav pvrdwb$21:46
pvrdwbwhat does pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: wsgi2cgi actually mean>21:47
prologicyour environment isn't quite right21:47
prologicit's installing to your $HOME21:47
prologicbut then running the /usr/local/python21:47
prologicand looking in /usr/local/21:48
prologicdo you have a $HOME/bin/python ?21:48
pvrdwbyep python, python2 and python2.7 are all there21:49
pvrdwbalso pip and pip-2.7821:49
prologicquit your bash session21:49
prologicand try again21:49
prologicwhen you get a new bash session21:49
pvrdwbgood iea21:49
prologicdo: $ which python21:49
pvrdwbidea, even21:49
prologicmake sure it's $HOME/bin/python21:49
prologicthat's probably been your problem the whole time21:49
prologic(part of it)21:49
prologicadding things to a bin path in your $PATH21:49
prologicdoesn't make bash pick it up21:50
prologicif the same binary is available elsewhere earlier in the $PATH(s)21:50
prologicyou have to quit bash and start again21:50
prologicannoying but true :)21:50
pvrdwbam using python in $home/bin now after restart.. running ccav just stops without returning to a prompt.  does circuits log something like "now serving on port 8000", or just go dark when it starts?21:53
prologicit actually used to21:59
prologica long time ago21:59
prologicthen we removed it22:00
prologicso no it doesn't :)22:00
prologicbut it is working22:00
prologicshould work for you now22:00
prologic*finally* :)22:00
prologicsorry for the screw ups :)22:00
pvrdwboh 9000, i was trying 800022:01
pvrdwbokay it's working22:01
prologicDna: AB wants to know if you know how large the storage requirements are for 250m resolution for all scenarios across all of Australia?22:03
pvrdwbdunno, i haven't looked at any data at that res yet.  I'd guess "stupendous" :S22:05
prologicokie dokie22:10
prologicthanks :)22:10
prologicI'll see you tomorrow then22:10
prologicchannel is logged so check logs in the morning22:11
prologicI might post stuff :)22:11
pvrdwbcool np22:11
*** pvrdwb has joined #cmvt22:27
prologicwhat a day :)23:14
prologicyes I'm online 24/7 everywhere :)23:15

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