IRC Logs for #cmvt Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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prologicwhat you doing up? :)06:08
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prologicGood Morning14:56
prologicI get in at this time every day14:57
prologicbecause of crappy bus services and travel times14:57
prologicI'm lucky it's in school holidays right now14:58
prologicbut normally it takes me 2hrs to get to work, 2hrs to get back home14:58
DanielBairdsince it's school holidays, i should be starting early coz no kids to get ready.  but today, not so lucky.  and if i'm later than about 8:30, add ten minutes of extra students-in-the-way time tax15:07
DanielBairdbet you've got a lots of podcasts in your subscription staack15:08
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prologicsorry Dan16:02
prologicgot distracted with coffee16:02
prologicand finding a investigating a bug in someone else's cod16:02
prologicpodcasts in my subscription stack?16:03
prologiclong travel times16:03
prologicnah I usually just read tech news, etc16:03
pvrdwbthat many hours travel time, you should find some really specific stuff to read/listen to.. rather than generic radio-type chatter.  You could be a better man and the end of every commute :)16:22
pvrdwb(perhaps that's a bit heavy, it's just that I made that change myself when i was commuting 1hr a day, and it made a big difference to me)16:22
pvrdwbanyway i'm working on the other project for now, but i'd like to get back to our project later today if that's alrigbht16:23
prologicwhat kind of things did you do16:37
prologicto "be a better man" after every commute? :)16:37
prologicI used to play chess every morning and afternoon16:38
pvrdwbeducation mainly, i listened to heaps of dev podcasts.  at the time i was writing heaps of java, so about half of my time i spent listening to the Java Posse podcast that included a couple of guys working at Sun and Google.  there's value in getting insight into a language's idiomatic usage patterns and popular tools and techniques, i reckon16:41
pvrdwbe.g. a guy who was working on NetBeans talked about dealing with feature freeze if you haven't started on a big feature, but still want it in the next release.  add button for activating unimplemented feature; log bug against button "doesn't correctly activate feature X". :D16:43
prologicI do this - still do :)16:58
pvrdwbWoden's balls20:57
pvrdwblong day.20:58
pvrdwbso.. if you're around, lets look at this project20:58
prologicI haven't achieved very much today :/20:58
pvrdwbi see you're around20:58
prologicvery long sucky day20:58
pvrdwbyes i empathise20:58
pvrdwbluckily for me, i'm off tomorrow.  and every friday.20:59
prologicoh so it' just me tomorrow and friday then? :)20:59
pvrdwbrem, tomorrow and the other fridays, yes21:00
pvrdwb* erm21:00
prologicoh well :)21:00
prologiclet's talk more about the project then21:01
prologicI haven't added you to our pivotal tracker instance for this project yet have i?21:01
prologicI did some work a while back to help get a set of user stories created21:01
pvrdwbyes i have those somewhere.  actually they're in pivotal aren't they?21:01
pvrdwbi think i have a cdv dump of them21:01
prologicyeah I'd ignore any documentation you've seen so far21:02
prologicmore or less21:02
prologicthe pivotal tracker stories are more up-to-date21:02
prologiclet me add you21:02
pvrdwbin =kk21:02
pvrdwblol i just meant, kk21:02
pvrdwbbut mangled the backspace key21:02
prologick added you21:03
prologicyou should get an email about it shortly21:03
pvrdwbcool i'm on.  okay so i think i'd like to hear you describe the project in a completely non-formal way.  want me to run up the ccav server so you can talk through that?21:05
pvrdwbtalk about it i mean. not talk through it like a ghost talks through a medium21:05
prologicwe can use our conference room if you like21:06
prologicthat might work better21:06
prologicI can draw stuff on a whiteboard (maybe)21:06
prologicand we can talk against something21:06
pvrdwbvia Skype?21:06
prologicyeah or whatever21:06
prologicI'd stay on my mac21:06
prologicbut I have no headset21:06
pvrdwbokay np21:06
pvrdwbyeah i'm up for whatever21:07
prologicalso I've never done this before!21:07
pvrdwbbtw google hangout can do shared "whiteboard" ...21:07
pvrdwbbut no headset makes it worth going for a walk21:07
prologichmm but still I have no headset21:07
prologicand I'm better at drawing on a physical whiteboard21:07
prologicbecause of my vision impairedment :)21:07
prologicok, how do I video conference with you using our video conferencing room?21:08
prologiclike I said, never done it before :)21:08
prologiconly skype/iMessages on a PC/Mac21:08
pvrdwbusually the room will have a PC in it, and you just log in and run up Skype or whatever21:08
prologichmm ok21:09
prologicthen I assume I'd need your skpye id?21:09
pvrdwbyep, it's probably danielbaird21:09
pvrdwbyes i tis21:09
prologichold up21:10
prologicmaybe I'll borrow a headset21:10
prologiclet's video conference21:12
prologiciMessages at my Mac :)21:12
prologicConference Room - too hard basket of rme :)21:12
pvrdwbfair enough21:13
prologicwe have a windows pc in ours21:13
prologicyuggh :)21:13
prologicno accessibility on windows :)21:13
pvrdwbcan you try the vid again21:14
prologicYou must be using a bouncer? ;)23:27
prologicI do!23:27
prologicOnline via my iPad atm ;)23:28

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