IRC Logs for #cmvt Tuesday, 2013-04-23

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DanielBairdgah Andrew tried hangouts for this morning's meeting and i got killer echo of my own voice.00:47
DanielBairdno idea why, hangouts is normally super clear with audio.  testing with someone locally and it was find00:48
DanielBaird* fine00:48
DanielBairdanyway, not especially important i guess00:48
prologicyeah unfortunately I can't use Google+ anymore00:50
prologicit's now a Premium only service for Google Apps00:50
prologicgo figure :)00:50
prologicAnyway, did you see my changes to our fabfile?00:50
DanielBairdcoz you don't have a normal google account, only a paid custom domain account?00:51
DanielBairdoh the has binary?00:51
DanielBairdyeah that's noticeably faster than my shell-or hack00:52
prologicI added a few new functions and decorators00:52
prologic@requires("foo", "bar")00:52
prologicif has_binary("foo"):00:52
prologicif has_module("foo"):00:52
prologicand pip and nom functions/wrappers00:52
DanielBaird@requires does a has_binary?00:53
DanielBairdno wait.. @requires is just saying the function has to be available00:55
prologichuh? no01:00
prologic@requires is a decorator I wrote that does one thing01:00
prologicit checks to see if the arguments you pass (strings)01:00
prologicare valid binaries in the $PATH01:00
prologicif all arguments are valid binaries in the $PATH the tasks runs01:00
prologicotherwise it aborts01:00
prologicand tells you which one is missing01:01
prologicoptionally you can also say you want to test for python modules instead01:01
prologic@requires("numpy", "shapely", test=has_module)01:01
DanielBairdback.. yeah i found the source eventually.01:03
DanielBairdturns out it's hard to guess from context when it's only used in a couple of places :)01:03
prologicit's ok :)01:04
prologicyou just have to know how to use it01:04
prologicdef my_task(...):01:04
prologic   ...01:04
prologicI wrote code :)01:04
DanielBairdi reckon, next time you're editing circuits source, you should write a line on bootup that says "circuits 1.2.3 serving on
prologicalready done01:05
prologicthanks to you :)01:05
prologicquite a few weeks ago now01:05
prologic-however- you have to use circuits-dev01:05
prologicby default you're probably using circuits (stable)01:05
prologicbecause of the ccav dependency01:05
DanielBairdoh cool i guess i forgot having complained before :) it's nice to have a confirmation of the ip and port01:05
prologicdo this:01:06
prologicpip uninstall circuits01:06
prologicmkdir -p $HOME/work01:06
prologiccd $HOME/work01:06
prologichg clone
prologiccd circuits-dev01:06
prologicpython develop01:06
DanielBairdactually i already have a circuits dev, i'll udpate in that01:06
prologicjust do a hg fetch first01:07
prologicthen python develop01:07
prologicuninstall the stable ver though01:07
prologicpip uninstall circuits01:07
DanielBairdi did the uninstall.. then pull / update /
DanielBairdit works, cool01:08
DanielBairdhmm i think it was mongrel.  might have been thin01:12
DanielBairdback to work..01:12
prologicpypy does that too I believe01:14
DanielBairdmm makes things interesting01:15
DanielBairda linux kernel was called "erotic something something".. bet that's hard to google for01:15
DanielBaird"Erotic Pickled Herring"01:16
DanielBairdlol there was a kernel version named "Jeff Thinks I Should Change This, But To What?"01:16
prologicdata tasks so far so good01:21
prologicbuilt data.clean01:21
prologicand data.build01:21
prologicdoesn't re-download what it's already downloaded01:22
prologicextracts the zips so far01:22
prologicnow to do the unzip of all the *.asc.gz01:22
prologicconversion to geotiff01:22
prologiccompute deltas01:22
prologicand create indexes01:22
DanielBairdScreen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.30.55 AM.png01:31
DanielBairdhmm that's not how to send a file01:31
prologic /dcc send prologic01:34
DanielBairdi'll just install skitch01:34
DanielBairdtried sending a snapshot a while ago, but there's the skitch link to it online.  just showing you the new layout, floating transparent info box on the right, horizontal "navigation" dropdowns in the top bar, etc01:40
ircnotifier045970eef5c5 by prologic: Added data tasks for downloading datasets01:57
prologicDanielBaird:  ping?01:57
prologicCould you test the data task?01:57
DanielBairdyep stand by01:57
prologicit doesn't do everything yet01:57
prologicbut I wanted you to test what it does so far01:58
prologicfab data01:58
prologicwait 15m (or could be quicker for you)01:58
DanielBairdgah still can't fetch without committing01:58
prologicfab data01:58
prologicshould be instant 2nd time around01:58
prologichg diff > tmp.patch01:58
prologichg revert -a01:58
prologicthen later01:58
prologicpatch -p1 < tmp.patch01:58
prologicuse with caution!01:58
DanielBairdnah i'll just commit locally01:59
prologicbbs - lunch :)01:59
DanielBairdfab data worked fine.  it's pretty fast for me, i guess because i'm on teh same local network as wallaceinitiatve02:13
prologicahh nice02:57
prologicand doing it again worked instantly?02:58
prologicand didn't re-download or re-extract stuff?02:58
DanielBairdand now i have a data dir filled with stuff03:12
prologicawesome :)03:14
prologicsoon it'll be filled with more useful stuff03:14
prologicworking on the preprocess and post process tasks03:14
prologicI hope you have at least an Intel Core i7 :)03:14
DanielBairdhmm i think it's an i5 but 8gb of ram.. hope that helps03:19
DanielBaird13" retina macbook03:19
DanielBairdyeah 2.5ghz i503:19
DanielBairdaircon is a bit chilly today, looking forward to the macbook warming the place up a bit :)03:20
ircnotifier839a36228a9c by prologic: Make ccav in scripts/ executable04:27
ircnotifier66dc4411d787 by prologic: Strip .py extension of scripts04:27
ircnotifier3d49bfd1c07b by prologic: Added script/tool to perform an decompression of files passed in via a glob pattern (supports *.gz, *.zip and *.bz2)04:27
ircnotifier4cd48ec9ab84 by prologic: Implemented preprocess to decompress *.asc.gz and convert to GeoTiff04:27
ircnotifier545edc2078ff by prologic: Added bootstrap script to bootstrap distribute, pip and required project prerequisites04:27
prologicDanielBaird:  ping?04:28
ircnotifieraa429a2732dc by prologic: Make executable04:32
DanielBairdback.  want me to test?04:48
DanielBairdmight as well delete my whole data dir i guess04:48
prologicoh yes please04:49
prologicyeah can you pull04:49
prologicand test a few more things of rme04:49
prologicI really want you to test it from start to end righ tnow04:49
prologici.e: via your fresh vm/vagrant stuff04:49
prologicnotice the new
prologicfab build04:50
prologicfab data04:50
DanielBairdmerged and trying fab data.  if it works i'll try the vagrant boot04:51
DanielBairdlol out of space error.  emptying trash...04:52
DanielBairdah, error: i don't have uncompressall04:54
DanielBairdwant me to try it on a vm?04:56
prologicrun fab build first04:58
prologicorder is important04:59
prologicthere are several tools that ccav ships04:59
prologicthat the fabric tasks depend on04:59
prologice.g: uncompressall04:59
prologica multi-process uncompressor04:59
DanielBairdoh righto.. i'm adding bootstrap to the vm, will run it in that05:00
ircnotifiera2858f6a4f9e by prologic: Fixed MANIFEST05:02
ircnotifier3e654e36d9b7 by prologic: Use hgtools for versioning05:02
ircnotifier059fbadc70da by prologic: Added tag 0.0.1 for changeset 3e654e36d9b705:02
prologicbrb getting some caffine05:02
DanielBairdvagrant up is happening..05:03
DanielBairdvm booted, installing python05:04
DanielBairdpython installed, compiling Node (omg centos, who does your packaging)05:06
prologicThis is why I use CRUX :)05:10
DanielBairdi usually use ubuntu server, just for the package availability05:11
DanielBairdand i'm long past having to use a cool distrib for bragging rights05:12
prologicno bragging rights here05:12
prologicI've been using CRUX on the desktop for server for over 10 years now05:12
DanielBairdis gentoo still cool?05:12
prologicI enjoy it's simplicity and ease of use05:12
prologicI wouldn't know :)05:13
prologichow's my new bootstrap process going?05:15
prologicand build tasks?05:15
DanielBairdvagrant didn't run bootstrap, but i'll ssh in to teh vm and run it05:16
DanielBairdoh right i forgot to put ./ in front of the invocation05:16
prologiccan you make it run ./ first?05:16
prologicfollowed by:05:16
prologicfab build05:16
prologicfollowed by:05:16
prologicfab data05:16
DanielBairdyeah those are in the vagrant file, just didn't run properly.05:17
DanielBairdC02JKVMWDR53:ccav pvrdwb$ vagrant ssh05:17
DanielBairdLast login: Sun Apr 14 22:24:07 201305:17
DanielBairdWelcome to your Vagrant-built virtual machine.05:17
DanielBaird[vagrant@localhost ~]$ pwd05:17
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DanielBairddid you get that giant dump05:18
DanielBairdshould i sudo ./
DanielBairdi;m sudo-ing bootstrap05:21
DanielBairdseems happier05:21
DanielBairdi think vagrant's shell script runs as root, so it will work once I add it to vagrantfile properly05:21
DanielBairdhmm can't tell if crux has a node package, because of this project:
prologiclook in our port database05:23
prologicseems we don't05:23
prologicI might create a port for it on the weekend05:23
DanielBairdi looked through opt, core, and contrib05:23
prologicoh wait05:24
prologicI already do :)05:24
prologicI should really rejoin opt/contrib05:24
prologicand become an official maintainer again05:24
prologicI used to - when I had more time05:24
prologicbut I don't have time to keep my 250+ ports up-to-date05:25
prologiclooks like I have a port for 0.8.1505:25
DanielBairdare people using crux on servers much?05:25
prologic0.10.4 is the latest now05:26
prologicremind me to update my port later :)05:26
prologic*nods* yeap05:26
prologicI run crux on all my servers05:26
prologicas do many other cruxers05:26
DanielBairdlol i googled to see if there was a crux AMI, and found a post from you asking for one05:26
prologicthere are folks even running crux on aws/ec205:26
prologicsomeone posted the AMI05:26
prologicI just said "Yes I want it!" :)05:26
DanielBaird from 201105:27
prologicI maintain OpenVZ templates/images for CRUX05:27
DanielBairdlol the second tab i opened was from you as well05:27
prologicyeah that's 201105:27
prologicthis is 2013 :)05:27
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prologicsomeone has created one now05:27
DanielBairdnow, *this* is exciting:
prologichmm wow05:29
prologicdidn't realize someone has done that05:29
prologicI'm not really into gaming :)05:30
DanielBairdi reckon there's money in minecraft server hosting05:30
prologicthat's really cool though05:30
prologicyou think so?05:30
prologicI have a server in the US05:31
prologicI could host a mine craft server05:31
prologichow's the bootstrapping?05:31
DanielBairdvm has been "Downloading/unpacking virtualenvwrapper" for a while..05:32
DanielBairdi think my network is flaky05:32
prologicso you think there's money to bbs made in cheap mc hosting?05:33
prologicin a virtual environment?05:33
DanielBairddunno how to do it, i'd probably go with ec2 or something05:34
DanielBairdbut yeah there's untapped potential to do useful server backups, reset worlds, restart adventure maps etc05:34
DanielBairdalso i reckon it wouldn't be that hard to write a server-proxy that listens for connections, THEN starts up your mc server.05:35
DanielBairdthereby saving on the number of instances you need to keep running05:35 as long as there are no players on a server, the ongoing cost of it to you is 005:35
DanielBairdi can't find a crux ami here:
DanielBairdi thought that guy had added his to the list05:38
prologicI don't think unofricials amis go there05:38
prologiche just created an ami05:38
prologicand it's publicly avaiable05:38
prologicthere's a recent post congaing the ami id05:38
DanielBairdhe said "made public" maybe he just meant shared his file from somewhere05:38
DanielBairdanyway nbd just poking around05:39
prologicanyone can create an AMI05:39
prologicand you can either make it private or public05:39
prologicbut it won't get on that official list afaik05:39
DanielBairdi think i'll crtl-c that process and start again, dunno why virtual env isn't installing05:42
DanielBairdhmm couldn't even crtlc it.  had to kill it from another term05:44
DanielBairdanother ssh connection i mean05:44
DanielBairdokay it's up to the virtualenv install again05:45
DanielBairdstill locked up on that line.  what's the commandline to install virtualenv?05:47
DanielBairdpip install virtualenvwrapper ?05:48
DanielBaird$ python -V && pip -V05:54
DanielBairdPython 2.6.605:54
DanielBairdpip 1.3.1 from /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages (python 2.6)05:54
DanielBairdwhat's python up to, 2.8 or something?05:54
DanielBairdaccording to that issue05:55
ircnotifierc75e5e1e94fa by prologic: use quiet() context manager in place of settings(hide(...))06:01
prologicI can't guarantee  Python 2.606:02
prologicany way you can install 2.7 on the vm?06:03
prologicthere _must_ surely be a yum install python-2.7 ?06:03
DanielBairddunno might be.  with centos you can never tell06:05
DanielBairdhmm looks like centos 6.4 still has python 2.606:11
DanielBairdi'm pretty sick of this crap, let's switch over to ubuntu server or somethinbg06:12
DanielBairdeven redhat probably supports actual useful software06:12
prologicthis is going to be mighty painful06:15
prologicmight have to build Python from source06:15
prologicfuck RHEL and CentOS06:15
DanielBairdyeah that's crap.  we already have to compile node on centos.  i'll switch over to ubuntu06:16
DanielBairdthen we get compiled packages for node, python, etc and a vm that only takes one minute to spin up06:16
DanielBairdi'll save the old vagrantfile in case we need to remember how to compile node etc06:16
prologicnah just nuke it :)06:30
prologicit's in version control's history06:30
DanielBairdokay rewritten vagfile, gotta download the box so it's slow this time around.  i'm using 12.10 and apt-getting python, that's probably 2.7.  hopefully not 3.x06:33
prologichad to reboot06:38
DanielBairddownlaoded!  now the vm is starting.06:47
DanielBairdlooks liek apt-get update is the slowest thing so far.06:49
DanielBairdubuntu 12.10 has "latest" python already, dunno the version06:49
DanielBairdshit!  no curl06:49
prologichow do I use this vagrant shit :)06:49
prologicI've installed it06:49
DanielBairdalso install virtualbox if you havent' already06:50
DanielBairdnow cd into your project dir that has a vagrantfile, and type06:50
DanielBairdvagrant up06:50
DanielBairdyou'll get the old vagrant file though, maybe just dick about in a test dir06:51
DanielBairdthere's lots of links to v1 docs around, avoid those06:53
prologicthis takes too long :)06:57
DanielBairdit'll cache the box it downloads.07:01
prologicnah compiling stuff I think07:06
prologicI dunno07:06
DanielBairdyes i saw that, with the word "critical" in red07:13
DanielBairdi got this:07:14
DanielBairdTraceback (most recent call last):07:14
DanielBaird  File "/usr/local/bin/fab", line 5, in <module>07:14
DanielBaird    from pkg_resources import load_entry_point07:14
DanielBaird  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/distribute-0.6.36-py2.7.egg/", line 2805, in <module>07:14
DanielBaird    working_set.require(__requires__)07:14
DanielBaird  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/distribute-0.6.36-py2.7.egg/", line 696, in require07:14
DanielBaird    needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))07:14
DanielBaird  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/distribute-0.6.36-py2.7.egg/", line 594, in resolve07:14
DanielBaird    raise DistributionNotFound(req)07:14
DanielBairdpkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: pycrypto>=2.1,!=2.407:14
DanielBairdanyway i'm heading home.  that looks like a real dep issue that we can solve, rather than a stupid OS install issue.07:14
DanielBairdsee you tomorrow07:14
prologicyup cya07:18
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DanielBairdvagrantfile is now close to working.. just some gdal install errors.  I'll commit what I've got22:57
ircnotifierb2d5bcd56c69 by Daniel Baird: Modifying UI, adding AngularUI, removing unused css23:10
ircnotifiera7245785fae6 by Daniel Baird: fracking mercurial and it's merges.23:10
ircnotifier531e3ad3b54a by Daniel Baird: further work on graph ui23:10
ircnotifierb769c59463e5 by Daniel Baird: merge meh23:10
ircnotifier673648e46a65 by Daniel Baird: dependency install scripts almost working23:10
ircnotifier9d0239cf9331 by Daniel Baird: merged *rolls eyes*23:10
DanielBairdi'm still not used to not being able to hold back modifications23:10
DanielBairdmaybe i should have multiple clones to separate every tiny thing from each other23:11
prologicyou have to do the same thing in git :)23:11
prologicwhat's different?23:11
DanielBairdgit's fine with you committing and pushing changes to a file while you still have uncommitted changes to another file23:12
DanielBairdmerging changes will change the uncommitted file as you'd expect, but still doesn't require you to commit that file with your interim changes23:12
prologicsounds like you want to work with patch queues23:13
prologicfeel free :)23:13
DanielBairdanyway grab that latest vagrantfile and give it a go.  `vagrant up` to get it going, `vagrant ssh` to get a shell into it (the project dir is synced at /vagrant on the VM, be careful in there it's your outside dir), `vagrant halt` to stop it, and `vagrant destroy` to delete the vm.23:15
prologicyou can also23:15
prologichg pull --rebase23:15
prologicwhich I think is more like git's default behavior23:15
DanielBairdgit's so confusing.  there's quite a lively discussion about whether you should ever just merge in git, or always merge --rebase23:17
prologicI find git to be terribly confusing23:17
prologicand not intuitive at all23:17
DanielBairdit might be better if the docs didn't suck23:18
prologicno even then it would still suck23:18
prologicit's quite bloated these days23:18
prologicand still unintuitive to use (from a CLI perspective)23:18
DanielBairdbut the docs are all "this command advances the HEAD ref to the something something node"23:19
prologice.g: to revert changes to a locally modified file23:19
prologicin git: git checkout <file>23:19
prologicin mercurial23:19
prologichg revert <file>23:19
DanielBairdyes.  same action, in git it's named for what happens in the back end data model to achieve the goal.  in hg it's named for the reason the user would be doing it23:20
prologicrevert, commit, clone, merge, branch, update, log, outgoing, incoming23:20
prologicgot only knows what the git equivalents are :)23:21
DanielBairdUpdate, another example: (thanks
DanielBairdthat's from the MAN PAGES that are written to HELP HUMANS get stuff done23:22
prologicI put my 2c worth :)23:23
prologicon that blog post23:23
prologicit was developed by Linus Torvalds23:24
prologicand tbh I think he's one complicated man23:24
prologicstill vagranting up23:24
prologicstill not so sure about this whole vagrant thing23:25
prologicexcept for testing from a blank slate23:25
prologicto see if things install, compile, etc23:25
prologicI imagine we're going to have to compile Python and MapServer from source anyway23:25
prologica) RHEL will not have Python 2.723:25
prologicb) RHEL will not have MapServer packages23:26
prologicand even if RHEL does b) it will likely have to be recompiled anyway as there are features I need enabled specifically23:26
prologicI actually wouldn't mind using Mapnik tbh23:27
DanielBairdthat's fine.  but (for example) I had to apt-get python-crypto because pip can't get it.  might as well have those learning experiences as early as possible23:27
DanielBairdokay now i have vagrant-ccav and ui-ccav23:41
DanielBairdi'll do separate updates.  which is good practice in any case23:41
DanielBairdholy crap pip install is showing a percentage meter but vagrant's ssh connection is writing a new line for every tenth of a percent update.. that's a lotta scroll buffer23:49
prologicwhat did you need to install python-crypto for?23:53
prologicI hate binary distributions for this reason :)23:53
prologiclooks like bumpy failed to build for me23:57
prologicargg fuck23:59
prologicsorry :)23:59
prologicfuck Debian/Ubuntu23:59
prologicand their stupid ass -dev/-devel packages23:59
prologicCan we go back to CentOS?23:59

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