IRC Logs for #cmvt Sunday, 2013-04-28

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prologicI mostly complete the configuration management (Ansible)23:28
prologicon the weekend23:28
prologicOnly have map server left to deal with23:28
prologicI've been testing it against a local openvz container23:28
prologicon my mac23:28
DanielBairdsomeone on my twitter feed was bitching about how installing python 2.7.4 broke his virtualenvs23:29
DanielBairdso maybe that's what i did23:29
DanielBairdi didn't chase it up particularly but he said something about that virtualenv symlinks lib but not the binary23:29
prologicnah that's bs23:29
prologiche doesn't know what he's talking about :)23:29
DanielBairdi couldn't find any reported bugs in ten seconds on google, so it's very possible23:30
DanielBairdotoh he might be in some edge case situation that I was in too23:30
DanielBairdanyway, irrelevant once we can do a clean install whenever necessary23:31
DanielBairdi followed him because he was funny, not because of his technical expertise.  so no idea what his expertise is23:32
prologicdid you want to test my play books against a Vagrant Centos 6.3 vm?23:33
DanielBairdsure.. they're checked in to the repo?23:34
prologicdifferent repo23:35
prologicsetup a blank CentOS 6.3 vm23:35
prologicedit hosts file to suit23:35
prologicand run:23:35
prologicansible-playbook -k -i hosts setup.yml23:36
prologicyou'll need to install ansible (dev version)23:36
prologicgit clone git://
prologiccd ansible23:37
prologicpython install23:37
prologicshould do the trick23:37
DanielBairdhow do you make a new virtualenv?23:37
DanielBairdnvm mkv--23:37
prologicyou won't need one for this23:37
DanielBairdhmm okay23:38
prologicjust install ansibale globally or in your home dir23:38
prologicno need for virtualenv here23:38
prologicthen run the playbook(s) against a blank cents vm23:38
prologicit should (in theory) work for you23:39
prologicfor me (openvz)23:39
prologicand for the real production system (nectar)23:39
prologicwith the underlying requirement being CentOS 6.323:39
DanielBairddo i need to sudo a python setup?23:40
DanielBairdshouldn't need to, right23:40
DanielBairdbut ansible's setup dies with23:40
DanielBairdchanging mode of /Users/pvrdwb/bin/ansible-pull to 75523:40
DanielBairdrunning install_data23:40
DanielBairdcreating /Users/pvrdwb/share23:40
DanielBairdcreating /Users/pvrdwb/share/ansible23:40
DanielBairderror: can't copy './library/cloud': doesn't exist or not a regular file23:40
prologicno need for sudo python etc23:40
prologicI normally install everything in my home dir environment23:41
prologicthat's global for me23:41
DanielBairdthe dir it's complaining about is right there where it's supposed to be23:42
prologichold on23:42
prologicthey might have broken something23:42
prologicconfirmed - they have23:42
DanielBairdi did the git checkout, perhaps they don't do the master-is-stable thing yet23:42
prologicupdate the ansible repo to revision 4b6413991f3c23:43
DanielBairdlol at the ansible logo on their site23:43
DanielBairdit's all 80s lightning and clouds texture23:43
prologicyeah no they obviously don't :)23:43
prologicbut the revision above works23:43
prologicthat was the last updated revision here of rme23:43
prologicI dunno what the git command to update the working directory to a particular revision though23:44
prologicsorry :)23:44
prologicI do hg update -C 4b6413991f3c23:44
prologicusing the hggit extension :)23:44
DanielBairdit's probably git checkout something23:44
DanielBairdbrb stackoverflow is where git keeps it's manual23:44
prologicunfortunately I decided to use some of the fancier new features in the dev branch of aisnsible23:44
prologicnow you see23:45
prologicin order to revert to google or stackoverflow23:45
prologicjust to figure out what command to use for git23:45
prologicis absurd :)23:45
prologicstupid ass DVCS :)23:45
prologicI recommend you install/configure hggit for yourself :)23:45
prologicand be done with it23:45
prologicone tool to manage both mercurial and git repos23:45
prologicin a SANE way!23:45
DanielBaird"git checkout <commit>23:46
DanielBairdPrepare to work on top of <commit>, by detaching HEAD at it (see "DETACHED HEAD" section), and updating the index and the files in the working tree. Local modifications to the files in the working tree are kept, so that the resulting working tree will be the state recorded in the commit plus the local modifications.23:46
DanielBairdPassing --detach forces this behavior in the case of a <branch> (without the option, giving a branch name to the command would check out the branch, instead of detaching HEAD at it), or the current commit, if no <branch> is specified.23:46
prologicI think this is where I got mine:23:46
DanielBairdi foolishly clicked the google result from the git manpage.23:46
DanielBairdno human language there...23:46
DanielBairdgit checkout 4b6413991f3c should work but the SHA is unrecognised23:52
DanielBairdwhere did you get the hash, from the ansible github site?23:52
prologicnah from hg id23:54
prologicargg fuck I hate git23:55
DanielBairdwhat date?  i can find the rev on github23:55
prologichow do you identify the aha hash the wc is at23:55
DanielBairdnot sure23:55
DanielBairdgit rev-parse HEAD23:56
prologic$ hg parent23:56
prologicchangeset:   4935:4b6413991f3c23:56
prologicuser:        Michael DeHaan <>23:56
prologicdate:        Thu Apr 25 21:33:47 2013 -040023:56
prologicsummary:     Improve check mode support in the file module.23:56
prologicI don't actually have a git checkout23:57
DanielBairdnp, i got it.. okay trying setup again23:57
prologic*phew* :)23:58
prologicsomeone must be writing a new "cloud" module by the looks23:58
prologicI wonder why cloud service23:58
DanielBairdyep it worked.  i presume to deploy to ec2 machines?23:58

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