IRC Logs for #cmvt Monday, 2013-04-29

prologicansible already has an ec2 module00:00
prologicwhat I'd like to write in future00:00
prologicis a proxmox module00:00
prologicI've emailed the mailing list to see what the interest level is00:00
prologicI see what they're doing00:02
prologicreorganizing the library00:02
prologicinto sub-directories of libraries00:03
prologicgood idea00:03
DanielBairdansible-playbook -k -i my-hostname-goes-here? setup.yml00:04
prologic-i <hosts file>00:06
prologicI shipped one00:06
prologicactually I think (not tested)00:06
DanielBairdah okay00:06
prologicit looks for ansible.cfg in the current dir00:06
DanielBairdcan i use a proper hostname instead of an ip?00:09
DanielBairdi'll try00:09
DanielBairdwill pip install yaml get it>00:12
DanielBairdi'm trying that00:13
DanielBairdnope didn't work00:13
prologicpip install yaml00:14
prologicyeah the ansible folks aren't too good with their Python stuff00:14
prologicthey defend that by saying ansible is a tool00:14
prologiclike any other system tool00:14
prologicso Debian, RHEL, CentOS, Arch, etc, etc00:15
prologicall have ansible  packages00:15
prologicthey don't typically install via or pip00:15
DanielBairdis yaml called something other than 'yaml"?00:15
prologicpip search yaml00:15
DanielBairdi should have guessed :)00:15
prologicpip install PyYAML00:16
prologicand no Python does not ship with this in it's std. lib00:16
DanielBaird"some batteries included"00:16
DanielBaird"most of the ones you need.  just, not those coin ones"00:16
prologicpersonally I'd like to see less batteries includes00:16
prologicbecause I don't use much of the std. lib anyway00:16
DanielBairdyeah either a trim distribution, or everything normal00:16
prologicsys, os, itertools, functors, select, socket00:16
prologicnot much else really00:17
DanielBairdanyway i think in this case i have to brew install yaml00:17
prologicpip install PyYAML should work fine00:17
prologicoh wait00:17
prologicdoes it also need the C library yaml?00:17
DanielBairdyeah pip failed on yaml.h00:17
DanielBairdtryna guess the brew name00:17
DanielBairdah libyaml worked!00:18
prologiclooks like I have libyaml installed too00:18
prologicbrew install libyaml00:18
prologicpip install PyYAML00:18
prologicalso you ned Jinja200:19
prologicpip install Jinja200:19
prologicused for templating00:19
prologicnot that I'm doing any templating atm00:19
DanielBairddo i need to put ssh keys somewhere?  what user is ansible connecting as?00:20
DanielBairdhmm actually i'll try the ip00:20
DanielBairdyep ip worked00:21
prologic$ ansible-playbook -k -l test_local_proxmox setup.yml00:21
prologicSSH password:00:21
prologicyou don't have to specify the inventory file00:22
prologicthe shipped ansible.cfg I wrote00:22
prologichas all the right stuff00:22
prologicas long as you run it from the play books repo00:22
DanielBairdhmm acutally still not connecting00:22
prologicthe playbooks connect as root00:22
prologicand setup the key themselves00:22
prologiclooking for ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub00:22
prologicyou should modify hosts though00:23
prologicand create another group00:23
prologicand use -l test_local_vagrant00:23
prologicsee my usage above00:23
DanielBairdhmm yes it's working but the vm is timing the connection out00:25
DanielBairdi'll start the vm in the virtualbox gui and have a look at it00:25
prologicyou mean it's not able to connect via ssh?00:26
prologicisn't is because vagrant sets it up on a different port?00:26
prologicuse something (in hosts file) like00:26
DanielBairdno i can ssh from the command line fine00:26
DanielBairdbbl phone call00:27
prologicDid you also install paramiko?00:27
DanielBairdlooks like i have to compile it from source00:41
DanielBairdhmm no, pip maybe00:42
prologicshould be able to pip install paramiko easily00:42
prologicman nectar's web control panel is a pos00:42
prologicworking yet?00:44
DanielBairdmight just need to point ansible at vagrant's private key00:45
prologicfark'n hell00:48
prologicgrrrr nectar00:48
prologiceh no?00:48
prologicyou can prompt for a password00:48
prologicansible-playbook -k -l test_local_vagrant setup.yml00:49
prologicassuming you know the root password00:49
DanielBairdi think htat would work but root can't log in to the vm remotely00:50
DanielBairdi might see if that's easy to switch00:50
prologicI hadn't thought of that00:51
prologicI need to create a vars file00:51
prologicto store the user we're connecting as in00:51
prologicsee if -u overrides the user in the playbooks00:52
DanielBairdi've re-enabled root login00:55
DanielBairdrebooting ..00:55
prologicagh you can do that?00:56
prologicI should make it work with a normal user login though00:56
prologicwith sudo00:56
prologicbecause I think that's how it'll be deployed in the end00:56
prologicI think00:56
DanielBairdyeah good idea00:57
DanielBairdfor now though...00:57
prologicI'm successfully run it against my test_local_proxmox00:58
prologicgoing to test it against nectar vm now00:58
DanielBairdyeah it's something shitty about vagrant00:58
DanielBairdvagrant can do port forwarding.  i'll try going through localhost:222200:59
prologiclooks like I have to support normal user login + sudo01:00
DanielBairdcan i give ansible a -p 2222 arg?01:00
prologicnectar image (CentOS 6.3 x86_64 - OLD) is setup this way01:00
prologicyou'd set it up in the hosts file01:01
DanielBairdback, just looked at someone's Nexus 401:05
DanielBairdrestarting with port redirect01:06
DanielBairdlocalhost is rejecting ansible immediately.  i think that's the osx firewall.. coz why shouldn't this be stupidly complicated for no reason01:08
DanielBairdi think i'll go around again but with a plain vm01:08
DanielBairdbrb starting up a vm via vitrualbox01:08
prologicI _thought_ it'd be a piece of cake with vagrant01:09
prologicapparently not :/01:09
prologicI'm going to modify the playbooks to support a nectar install01:10
prologicwith a normal user + sudo style setup01:10
DanielBairdit does seem like there's just one thing i need to get righrt01:10
DanielBairdthen it'll all flow through01:10
prologicbtw this was my successful run:01:10
DanielBairdit's working, yay01:42
DanielBairdthe problem was that vagrant hides the vm using network magic01:43
ircnotifier9d51cdf43109 by prologic: Complete restructure using roles01:44
DanielBairdmy output is much messier than your codepad, but that's coz i ran ansible in -vvv for very verbose :)01:45
prologicyeah see here I'm using VirtualBox01:45
prologicplus a ProxMox VE guest01:45
prologicrunning OpenVZ containers that I can spool up whoever I want01:45
prologica Portable Data Center01:45
prologicI basically do something very similar to what this guy does:01:46
prologicExcept I use VirtualBox which works just as well01:46
DanielBairdvagrant is setting the virtual box network adaptor to "host only"01:47
DanielBairdyou probably are use NAT?01:48
prologicI find I can't use VirtualBox's Host Only Network Adapter01:50
prologicit's not available for some reason01:50
prologicI setup VirtualBox + ProxMox VE with two network adapters01:50
prologicone that's hated to my host01:51
prologicso proxmox ve and containers/vms within can access the internet through my mac01:51
prologicand one that's bridged to a virtual lan (clan) I created on my mac01:51
prologicso I have private network access to any vm as if they were part of my mac's network01:51
DanielBairdyeah that's what i've done in the vagrantfile..01:52
DanielBaird :private_network, ip: ""01:52
DanielBairdwhen they say "private network" i guess that means NATted via host.. but i guess they can also use VMWare which might call that private or something01:53
prologicI think private means pricate01:54
prologici.e: no NAT01:54
DanielBairdin the meantime, ansible is building GDAL01:54
prologicIn VirtualBox at least:01:54
prologicBridge, Host-Only, NAT, Private01:54
prologicoh sweet01:54
prologicso things are working then?01:54
prologicI just restructured everything as you just noticed01:54
prologicand re-testing the new structure01:54
prologicit takes a while01:55
prologicI think I might go have lunch and come back01:55
DanielBairdsaw that.. good. Virtualbox believes the "private" network is NAT though, i might have to check how private it really is01:55
prologiccheck the virtual box documentation on networking01:56
prologicthey have 4 different network types as I stated above01:57
prologicbbl - lunch01:59
DanielBairdyeah i'm looking at the vagrant machine in the virtualbox gui.  it has two adaptors enabled, one is"host-only adaptor" and one is "NAT"01:59
prologicahh k02:00
prologicI couldn't make Host-Only work sod rm02:00
prologicfor me*02:00
prologicVirtualBox wouldn't allowed me to use it02:00
DanielBairdhmm weird02:00
DanielBairdnow installing GEOS02:01
DanielBairdcc1plus is caning on the vm02:01
DanielBairdoo it's up to "bootstrapping ccav"02:12
DanielBairdstill bootstrapping..02:33
DanielBairddone!  but i'm off to buy a coffee.  bbl02:48
DanielBairdback too03:26
DanielBairdso i think i have it all set up...03:27
DanielBairdi really regret running ansible in -veryveryverbose mode03:27
DanielBairddoes ansible leave ccav running?03:27
prologicit currently doesn't try to run it03:30
prologicit's not quite complete yet03:30
prologicbut it all worked so far for you?03:30
prologicargg crap03:31
DanielBairdit's installed.  i can't run ccav though, i get "There is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found)"03:31
prologicI stuffed up the restructure of the playbooks03:31
prologicgod damnit03:31
DanielBairdbut i think that repo isn;t up to date03:31
prologicyes I broke the version stuff03:31
DanielBairdah okay03:31
DanielBairdwell the good news is everything works that should :)03:31
prologicgimme a while03:32
prologicI'll fix what's broken03:32
prologicgood good03:32
prologicI'm glad03:32
DanielBairdnp i'm off to fiddle with d303:32
prologicyou going to commit the updated changes to your Vagrant file?03:32
DanielBairdi'll commit the vagrantfile after testing your fixed thing03:32
DanielBairdi'm currently giving it a fixed ip of
DanielBairdis that alright at your end?03:33
*** DanielBaird has joined #cmvt03:33
DanielBairdoops might have missed an answer..03:33
DanielBairdit should at least distinguish between screens and track an active app per screen03:36
prologicI don't mind03:47
prologicjust be sure to throw in a group in the hosts file03:47
prologicfor testing03:47
DanielBairdyep i have my group in there with your couple04:14
ircnotifiera14e980b6fbd by prologic: Forgot to add version vars for specific versions of sources for gdal, geos, node and python04:52
ircnotifier3649789d8932 by prologic: Updated requirements to use Pillow instead of PIL06:00
ircnotifierf4c6a208d9a6 by prologic: Fixed refresh of ld cache across gdal, geos, node, python roles06:01
prologichome time06:26
prologiccyas later Dan06:26
ircnotifier633908f1acb0 by prologic: Use an include of a common ldconfig task instead of 4 copies of the same task06:27
*** DanielBaird has quit IRC07:17
*** DanielBaird has joined #cmvt23:22
DanielBaird_greetings good sir.  the glory of this day's sun shine down on you.23:39
prologicgood morning indeed :)23:41

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