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prologicGood Morning00:18
DanielBairdmacbook crashed yesterday evening.. unusual.00:24
DanielBairdmaybe four times in my life i've had osx crash on me00:24
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ircnotifier3609349acacd by prologic: Improved python environment(s) for webapps02:17
ircnotifier43c62404496b by prologic: Added work dir to "webapps" home dir03:44
ircnotifier925b87c6cfd8 by prologic: Completed (untested) deploy function03:49
ircnotifierc7d8398941b3 by prologic: Import the deploy module03:49
ircnotifiera538166c5a93 by prologic: Make deploy.deploy the default subtask03:49
ircnotifier5ee0437abfae by prologic: Append to the remote path03:49
ircnotifier826a2985dcfb by prologic: Run everything under sudo -u webapps03:49
ircnotifier10ce7fe19ab0 by Daniel Baird: Added SlickGrid tables, tabs, hooked them up.04:01
ircnotifier9a5c09654652 by Daniel Baird: merge04:01
ircnotifier97ead920b32d by prologic: Fixed apth to local apache template04:05
ircnotifier372819f0c6da by prologic: Automated merge with
ircnotifierca88b3b424d8 by prologic: Convert the LocalPath to the local template to a str04:06
ircnotifierc2dd0012a509 by prologic: Fixed template04:18
ircnotifierd6303a2eda8b by prologic: Use run("sudo ...")04:18
ircnotifierfb848c8698ea by prologic: Changed path to DocumentRoot04:18
ircnotifiercdff7bfb2fbd by prologic: Symlink the www dir to the domain04:18
ircnotifier3f3121a8693c by prologic: Fix running of hte ccav backend04:20
ircnotifier2615ba77b407 by prologic: Added toint() and fixed conversion of user param port to int04:23
ircnotifiercfeb07ab693c by prologic: Code cleanup04:23
ircnotifier7d40c5e2d232 by prologic: Use an int for port04:23
ircnotifier1cc3ef8f7658 by prologic: Add py to the dependency list04:39
ircnotifierd8bae9921951 by prologic: Added daemonization support with -d/--daemon and optional pidfile specification -p/--pidfile04:39
ircnotifier1a4e7ed3acda by prologic: Run ccav backend as a daemon04:39
ircnotifiere6afba12f463 by prologic: Update py version04:41
ircnotifier16ae2b50e151 by prologic: Kill existing ccav04:48
ircnotifier9fcb6302c780 by prologic: warn_only when killing ccav04:50
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prologicDanielBaird1:  ping?05:35
DanielBaird1hmm why do i have a 1.05:35
DanielBairdahh that's better05:35
DanielBairdI'm considering finding some climate data somewhere but Sam Whichever seemed okay with just the random data that was there05:36
prologicI think it's a good enough demo :)05:38
prologicjust have to get it running on NECTAR05:38
prologicwhich I'll try to get going by the morning05:38
prologiceven if I have to work through tonight at home05:38
DanielBairdawesome, so that means it'll demo from the VM?05:38
prologicfrom a NECTAR VM - correct05:39
prologiceven if I point one of my own domains at it :)05:39
prologicI think I broke the text manually back then ... with <tspan> tags05:40
prologic(sorry too lazy to jump into irc ... o wt.... )05:40
prologic^^^ from Gerhard05:40
DanielBairdahh yes i saw the tspan method...05:41
DanielBairdi'm just starting that trick, manually counting chars and finding spaces to split at05:41
prologicwhat are you using pixels for?05:41
prologiconly the sag stuff?05:42
DanielBairdembarassingly, at the moment all the positioning is in pixels.05:42
DanielBairde.g. height of the graph, width of the map, etc05:43
DanielBairdeverything is absolutely positioned to stick to the edge of the screen05:43
DanielBairdcoz i'm using less, though, it's quite easy to change over to ems or whatever05:43
prologicI was just wondering :)05:44
prologicbecause pixels are not the same on every device05:44
DanielBairdinside the SVG that is the graph, it's all svg pixels which are scaled.05:44
prologicbut glad you're aware of it :)05:44
prologicyeah not concerned with the SVG stuff05:44
prologicSVGs are vectors and scale automatically05:44
DanielBairdunfortunately the table thing is a bit old-fashioned and needs pixel heights for the table rows etc.05:44
DanielBairdthat's pretty sucky and if i had a bit more time i'd try a different table handling tool05:45
ircnotifier7d3dad9adada by prologic: Trying to fix starting ccav05:45
DanielBairdeventually i'd like to talk to someone about what it might look like on a phone.  there's probably not that much work to make it operable on a little screen05:47
DanielBairdjust need to work out what the users want05:47
prologicwhat's the table/grid thingy anyway?05:56
prologicI thought that was part of the D3 graphing?05:56
DanielBairdi'm using a separate datagrid thing, to get sorting etc.06:01
DanielBairdd3 could probably build the table for me out of tr / td elements, but i suspect it would get confused by reordering the rows06:01
prologicrightio :)06:04
prologicman I'm having trouble starting the ccav daemon06:04
DanielBairdhard to get debug info>06:07
prologicI'm not sure what it is at the moment06:15
prologicI have no logging when run as a daemon at the moment06:15
prologicso I need to turn that on06:16
ircnotifier16d0e02d7e38 by prologic: Add a simple logfile to ccav06:36
ircnotifierfeb22c46031d by prologic: Specify -l/--logfile path06:36
ircnotifier29fc14391f29 by prologic: Run ccav with --debug06:37
prologicbloody hell06:41
DanielBairdyou're obviously having a wonderful time, playing with your os06:42
ircnotifier7be1f52bb849 by prologic: Try the daemonize module from pypi07:02
ircnotifiere4f829ac159e by Daniel Baird: Fixed graph headers, adjusted layout slightly.  Okay to demo.07:09
DanielBairdalright i'm off home.  have fun07:09
ircnotifierb899ac012dcd by prologic: Backed out changeset 7be1f52bb84907:13
ircnotifierc1a0a39baa96 by prologic: Automated merge with
ircnotifiere4ef812ab341 by prologic: Make Debugger log to logfile07:17
ircnotifiera70dce71c9c8 by prologic: Fix typo13:04
ircnotifier09decb4acfaa by prologic: Added task to initalize virtualenvwrapper13:04
ircnotifierbe1a88f51086 by prologic: Disable pty when starting ccav13:27
ircnotifierc00fffe084b8 by prologic: Fixed ccav vhost13:27
ircnotifiere9165ff47917 by prologic: Don't run ccav in debug mode - remove useless log14:49
ircnotifier2dbb857ae647 by prologic: Sleep for a bit after killing old ccav14:50
ircnotifier9c950dc3d5cb by prologic: Re-enable logs14:55
ircnotifier613bc8081556 by prologic: Bumped version to 0.0.215:01
ircnotifiera489bb833e1b by prologic: Added tag 0.0.2 for changeset 613bc808155615:01
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