IRC Logs for #cmvt Friday, 2013-05-17

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ircnotifierff340a2194c8 by prologic: make /etc/supervisor/conf.d read/write (able) by webapps03:18
ircnotifier9875588e041f by prologic: Removed reference to now non-existent play03:18
ircnotifiercdbb8380e30b by prologic: Added dependency on procname (change process name)04:14
ircnotifier475c5733d33b by prologic: Set the process name using setprocname()04:14
ircnotifier394740dd80b1 by prologic: Make docroot optional and default to ./htdocs04:14
ircnotifierb853fa68334b by prologic: Make use of latest development features of circuits and use the latest development version04:14
ircnotifier0751b4e22882 by prologic: Added configuration file support and other useful features borrowed form the sahriswiki ( project04:14
ircnotifier4bb8e39d96ee by prologic: Ensure supervisord is restarted/started when enabling the service for the first time04:37
ircnotifier24b65ef34dc4 by prologic: Added creates= conditions05:19
ircnotifier3e9980d29d96 by prologic: Allow webdevs to control the supervisord process05:35
ircnotifier977c2858fc42 by prologic: Renamed apache config05:39
ircnotifier3ff699f69121 by prologic: Start and manage application instnaces via supervisord05:39
ircnotifiercd770da811ed by prologic: Fixed development requirements for circuits-dev05:59
ircnotifiercb800a8461ac by prologic: Fixed supervisor template06:26
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