IRC Logs for #cmvt Sunday, 2013-05-19

*** DanielBaird has joined #cmvt23:05
prologicMorn'n :)23:20
DanielBairdjust about to commit a r.js fabfile23:26
prologicSo I successfully got all the supervisors stuff working23:26
prologicJust going to run a full provision and deploy this morning while I go out nd get Coffee23:27
prologicIf you could too that would be awesome23:27
prologicfind out any issues early on23:27
prologicOtherwise (if all is fine)23:28
prologichopefully we work on API(s) today23:28
DanielBairdi've added the r.js optimisation to the normal frontend build, which isn't quite what we want, but because i had to change the index.html template it got more complicated that i wanted to make separate dev and production builds.  I'll commit this "always-optimise" version so you can confirm it works for you, and we can come back to the dev/prod differentiation after.23:29
DanielBairdi don't see the commit message in this IRC..23:31
prologicbot is offline23:33
prologicwas running on my desktop at home23:34
prologicbut my desktop finally died on the weekend23:34
prologicit lasted a while 8+ years or so23:34
prologicI'll run the bot up on my US server infrastructure later this even'n23:34
DanielBaird8 years.. and only three cases, four mainboards, and six cpus?23:35
prologic8 years23:58
prologicsame case23:58
prologiccame mainboard23:58
prologicsame cpu23:58
prologicsame ram23:58
prologicsame hdd23:58
prologic8+ years the whole hw has lasted :)23:58
DanielBairdwow that's commitment.  you'll be able to play halflife 2 on your next machine.23:59
prologicI see you shared a doco with me23:59
prologicdo you think we could do this in .txt instead?23:59
prologicin the repo23:59
prologicunder docs/23:59
DanielBairdyeah np, is etherpad still working?23:59
prologicI can't (I've found) really deal with real-time editing23:59
DanielBairdoh okay23:59

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