IRC Logs for #cmvt Tuesday, 2013-05-28

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DanielBairdhi.. i see you01:55
gwcool it works .. .thanks01:56
DanielBairdhaven't seen James here since before lunch yesterday01:56
gwwas'n sure whether I get responses back01:56
DanielBairdmight wanna go round his office and see if he's still alive01:56
gwBut I guess I can  try to reach him via another protocol ;)01:57
prologicoh hey guys01:58
prologicI'm around :)01:58
prologicjust hacking away01:58
prologicnothing much to report really sorry01:58
prologicjust trying to massage sample data01:58
prologicand build apis01:58
DanielBairdnp i'm dicking about in pivotal for the VL project02:23
DanielBairdlemme know once there's an api for me to test, though02:23
prologicwill do02:28
DanielBairdzomg ever tried to rename tags in pivotal?02:30
gwnot easy to do?02:34
DanielBairdanyway i'm going through them changing them and the associated epics to have shorter, readable names02:40
DanielBairdand moving the long titles into the description field.02:40
prologican epic should be used to track changes to a group of stories02:56
prologicof related sub-features02:56
prologicand I agree with the shorter titiles02:57
prologicstories/epics really should only name the feature being developed02:57
prologicand it should be short and concise :)02:57
prologicmy 2c02:57
gwwe can still break up / combine stories / epics anytime anyway03:00
DanielBairdthen i can either go over all the epics and regroup them / shuffle them up and down / etc, or maybe just ignore the epics, add in a bunch of stories, and then see how they fit.03:00
DanielBairdor perhaps i should have said, start with whiteboards and hand-waving.  Then do stories, and only then go back up to epics :)03:01
prologicI think that's what I meant :)03:10
DanielBairdi got the feeling from the pivotal docs that they've only just gotten up to replacing "feature" tags with epics, and it's not 100% fully baked.  e.g. an epic must have a tag (can't save it without one) and it'll create a tag for a new epic, but renaming the epic doesn't rename the matching tag, and you can't create a new tag from inside the epic editing window.  So you have to simultaneously edit the epic title and separately edit the matching03:16
DanielBairdmaybe there's a ui release due soon that cleans up the epic&tag connections03:16
gwtags -> labels03:16
DanielBairdyeah i think it's just labelling03:18
DanielBairdthe ui lets you drag stories onto the epic, so they want you to feel like it's connected directly, but i think it's just the epic's special tag03:18
gwI guess you can easily change the label on an epic, if necessary03:19
DanielBairdi think it'll be okay with epics, just have to go through this awkward phase where i guess "planning" turns into "actual plans".03:20
gwor into postponed ;)03:20
DanielBairdlol yes03:24
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prologichad a frustrating day yesterday of trying to belt this data into shape23:40
prologichaven't really gotten it into a useful form yet23:41
prologicso going to continue with this today as much as possible23:41
prologichowever I believe Gerhard is also going to school me in the ways of plone23:41
prologicso I can perform some of his work while he's away on leave for 4 weeks starting this Sat23:41
prologicyeah that's cool :) whenever you want :)23:42
prologicI'm pretty sure I can figure out most things about clone :)23:42
prologicI'm more interested in your work flows and processes though23:42
prologicand ensuring I have the right access to do stuff :)23:42
prologicwhat kind of things should I have access to via sudo on that box?23:43
gwthe minimum you need is sudo to plone user23:44
prologicHmm cool
prologicbb lets you now edit code online23:44
prologicI can't sudo to the plane user then23:44
prologicso I'll ask Pondy to fix that for me23:45
prologicshould I also need access to sudo /sbin/service https restart|status|configtest ?23:45
prologicI do :)23:45
prologicit has a cleaner UI than GitHub forme23:45
prologicbetter accessibility :)23:45
prologicand also it supports mercurial :)23:45
prologicfeature fatigue23:45
gwall the other things you don't need hang around in front of you so that you don't find the buttons you actually need ;)23:46
prologicwhen you're blind like I am23:46
prologicyou don't want all sorts of crap on the UI :)23:46
prologicthat's why I don't really like this D3 graph :)23:46
prologicit's meaningless to me :)23:46
gwsag -> svg23:46
prologicwhat you mean you can't find the tabs easily?23:46
prologicwhat are you? "blind"? :)23:47
gwI was looking for an anon clone url the other day ....23:47
gwI had to log out to get it ;)23:47
prologican anonymous clone?23:47
prologicall clones are anonmous23:47
gwfrom bb23:47
prologicyou don't need to log out to do that23:47

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