IRC Logs for #cmvt Thursday, 2013-05-30

DanielBairdbbl restarting02:08
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DanielBairdnot for me?05:39
prologicyeah sorry wrong window :)05:41
prologicsorry haven't been chatty lastly05:41
prologicbusy on other things :/05:41
DanielBairdnp i'm  assuming any minute you spend not typing in IRC is spent on our API interface05:48
prologicwell :)05:55
prologicthat's assumption is false right now05:55
prologicI'm trying to get up to speed with the climate hub stuff05:56
prologicso I can take over for (some what) for Gerhard05:56
prologicwho's going away on leave05:56
DanielBairdah you ruined it for me.06:00
DanielBairdbut yes i figured you'd be catching up on gerhard's stuff too.  he's probably approaching his doesn't-care-any-more point..06:01
prologicI think that's well ant truly past :)06:07
prologichis last day tomorrow before he goes on leave for 4 weeks06:07
prologicit's not quite going to be the same without him :(06:07
prologicanyway I'm outta here06:10
prologicsee you mon06:10
DanielBairdsee ya (if yer still here lsitening)06:36
*** DanielBaird has quit IRC07:18

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