IRC Logs for #cmvt Tuesday, 2013-06-04

*** DanielBaird has joined #cmvt22:36
DanielBairdI'm back!22:37
prologicSo am i :)23:38
prologicStill working on API(s)23:39
prologicGood news is I'm making progress slowly23:39
prologicI'm almost at a point where I think I can now generate summaries23:39
DanielBairdi'm adding the donut charts23:40
prologicWhat I'm thinking of doing is writing a tool that generate one summary for a scenario, model, year and bioclim against a collection of regions23:40
prologicand see how long that takes to compute23:40
prologicif it takes longer than desired from a user performance perspective23:40
prologicI'll continue the development of the tool to generate all summaries and store the results statically in the file system against the structure we're fter23:40
DanielBairdsounds sensible23:41
prologicso we'll see how far I get today23:41
prologicalso quite a few things deployment-wise changed23:41
prologicin both playbooks and fabric tasks23:41
prologicalso I wrote roles and a playbook to re-create the climate hub (what powers
DanielBairdalright.. i haven't run up a vm for a while, i might kick one off now and see how far it gets.23:42
prologici.e: sets up al the necessary infrastructure (mostly) that lets buildout install our plane instance with mods, etc (as well as 4store)23:42
prologicbut we don't have to specifically worry about this23:42
prologicI did it just to be able to recreate terra nova if necessary (which has already come up)23:43
prologicas the BCCVL is based on terra nova code ;)23:43
prologicthe biggest thing with the plays/roles and tasks for us (ccav)23:43
prologicI tided up and separate out more of the roles the playbooks repo23:43
prologicso it's a bit nicer to follow23:43
prologicthe ccav.yml now default to hosts: ccav.local23:44
prologicso make your vm's ip match23:44
prologicin ccav (fabric tasks)23:44
prologicthere is now a deploy.ini23:44
prologicso deployment options are configurable23:44
prologicand I've setup configs for dev, test and prod23:44
prologicdeploy with23:44
prologicfab deploy.dev23:44

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