IRC Logs for #cmvt Thursday, 2013-06-27

DanielBairdsorry yes, back now from a meeting with AB. i worked out my connection from the host machine right after, should have mentioned it here.00:27
prologicso it's working?00:35
DanielBairdyep all going.. test api is showing data for a couple of models and a couple of thingies.  bioclims00:36
DanielBairdif i update the ui and fab, then can I just fab to get the updated stuff onto the vm and working?00:37
DanielBaird  File "/Users/pvrdwb/griffith/ui-ccav/fabfile/", line 23, in <module>01:03
DanielBaird    from requests import get01:03
DanielBairdImportError: No module named requests01:03
prologicok back now01:07
prologicfull attention :)01:07
prologicis this on your local mac?01:08
prologicI started using requests library in fabfile/data.py01:08
prologicyou may want to install it01:08
prologicI added it to the bootstrap.sh01:08
prologicso fresh installs should not have a problem01:08
prologicif you update the webui01:08
prologiccommit your change and push it up01:09
prologicthen yeah just do fab deploy.dev01:09
prologicalso the test/sample data is real01:09
prologicbut a smaller subset of01:09
prologicI create it based on the real data01:09
prologicjust fewer files and smaller total size to play with01:09
prologicI think it's only 2 bioclims01:10
prologic2 models01:10
prologicand 2 sccenarios01:10
prologicand 2 years01:10
prologicbbs - lunch01:45
prologicpushed a commit which means summaries are generated at deployment time now01:45
prologicbut are continuously rebuilt each time01:45
prologicsorry :)01:45
prologicmaybe I'll modify it somehow to not re-generate each time if nothing is different01:45
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prologicwhere are we up to?03:11
prologicI've made gensummaries part of deploy now03:12
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prologichey again03:26
prologicyou keep disappearing03:26
prologicdunno if you've seen what I've said :)03:26
DanielBairdat 11;45 you said "dunno", at 1:26 you said "hey again".. i've missed anythign that was between those two.03:42
DanielBairdi guess i will just add requests to my virtualenv03:42
DanielBairdso does fab deploy use the local copy of stuff, or do a checkout from the repo?03:43
DanielBairdhmm i did a `pip install requests` which seemed to work, but fab still errors with a `no module named requests`.03:48
DanielBairdi got it working by installing requests outside of my project virtualenv.  seems a bit weird but meh whatever.04:04
prologicoh yes04:09
prologicit's only use by the fabric tasks04:09
prologicit's not used for ccav itself04:09
prologicI think you have fabric installed outside of any ccav virtualenv04:09
prologiclike I do04:09
prologicso yeah you have to pip install requests (outside of any ccav virtualenv)04:09
DanielBairdthought it might be something like that.  So, does fab deploy use the local stuff?  i'd have to push updates up to bitbucket for a deploy to get them?04:14
prologicit relies on pulling things down from the main repo04:31
prologicyou have to commit/push first04:31
prologicsorry :)04:31
prologicI can't write more convenient/smarter deployment code than that :)04:31
prologictoo hard basket :)04:31
DanielBairdnp just tryna work out my best workflow.04:31
prologicyeah it's pretty much04:32
prologichg ci -m "blah blah blah"04:32
prologichg push04:32
prologicfab deploy.dev04:32
prologicbut of course you can develop and test locally too04:32
prologichack hack hack04:32
prologicfab webui04:33
prologicI'm playing around with JSON Schema, JSON Hyper Schema and jsonary (doc viewer and api testing tool)04:33
prologicseems pretty straight forward and pretty easy so far :)04:33
DanielBairdyeah for direct ui changes i've just been fab && open http://localhost:8000/graph.html04:33
DanielBairdwhen i need the api though i have to do a bit more fiddling.04:34
DanielBairdso where is the testapi served from?04:34
DanielBairdi'll need to drop a couple of files there i think04:35
DanielBairdah from var/data/dev04:36
prologicyeah let me know what we need to do next04:37
prologicalso I just pushed my little test json schema api04:37
prologicwith a jsonary api viewer/explorer04:37
prologicmaybe we'll go down that track04:37
prologicmaybe not04:37
prologicbut pretty straight forward code really04:37
DanielBairdi need the variables api point to describe the two bioclims in the test data.. can i just make a directory at /var/data/dev/variables with a json file in it?04:38
prologicall that is either downloaded, ext rated and processed04:39
prologicor genereated04:39
prologicI'd say just throw it in fabfile/ for now04:39
DanielBairdobviously it won't redeploy properly, but i've written the bit that fetches the variable names, units etc, i'd like to try it out04:39
prologicor just write a simple scripts/genvars04:39
DanielBairdoh right just dump the file contents out from hte deploy?04:39
prologicand make fabfile/ call it04:39
DanielBairdshould be okay04:39
prologicsomething like that04:40
prologicall the data download, extract, process and generating is happening in fabfile/data.py04:40
prologicand when you do fab deploy.dev04:40
prologicit'll re-generate the summaries, etc now04:40
prologicno need to do so by hand04:40
prologicside tracking a little again04:42
prologicI think the general idea with this whole json schema / api stuff04:42
prologicis for you (the client) to discover the uris you want to access04:42
prologicso you'd do an initial request to /api/04:42
prologicwhich would tell you where the schema uri is04:43
prologicgrab the schema04:43
prologicread the links object04:43
prologicand locate the stuff you want to fetch04:43
DanielBairdi might add a static dir that gets copied in, for this kind of stuff04:45
prologicput it in like src/metadata04:46
prologicor something similar04:46
prologicand just make the fabfile/ copy it in place (in the data dir)04:46
prologicor something like that04:46
prologici.e: static json metadata the api can either read/process or serve ip directly04:46
prologicI'll see you Monday06:24
prologicHave a good weekend!06:25
DanielBairdcheerio, even06:33
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