IRC Logs for #cmvt Monday, 2013-07-01

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DanielBairdi've deployed to my local vm, do i need to run genvars by hand?22:37
DanielBairdoh no i see, it's under vars not variables22:38
prologicand nope22:39
prologicdeploy runs it22:39
prologicmore correctly the data task does22:39
DanielBairdi figured it would run n deploy, but i still had /variables in my browser tab.. found the right thing now.  i'm committing an async load test to deploy22:40
prologicI haven't progressed much further with a discoverable HATEOAS api yet22:42
prologicI mostly lack the experience :)22:42
prologicso /testapi (static) is still there for you :)22:42
DanielBairdthat article that first mentioned hateoas (or at least the first one i saw, which i linked to you and Robert) seemed to think of it as more of an asiprational goal rather than a properly achievable one.22:44
DanielBairdi suspect if we have URLs instead of just ids, we're already more HATEful than most APIs :)22:44
prologicno I think it's definitely properly achieveable22:44
prologicit wouldn't necessarily drive the state of what you're doing22:44
prologicbut it would or could drive the state of a different client22:45
prologicI committed a version of jsonary (a json schema client) into src/webui/static/apidocs22:45
prologicso at least it can both22:45
prologica) discover our api22:45
prologicb) document it22:45
prologicc) play with it22:45
prologicso that's cool22:45
prologicwell no22:46
DanielBairdawesome, if it's easy to get going, it should be saving us time compared doccing manually22:46
prologicthe whole idea of HATEOAS22:46
prologicis to use hyper media22:46
prologicor rather22:46
prologiccontent types22:46
prologicand link relations22:46
prologicyour api just doesn't spit raw data to you22:46
prologicit spits data, links22:46
prologicand points to a schema that describes the data22:47
prologicit carries state :)22:47
DanielBairdyeah, so step one of that is rather than have an id for this data object's related item, have a url to that item.22:47
DanielBairdthat related item, i mean22:47
prologicwell I'm not going to have time to build a prototype of a better api today and tomorrow22:47
prologicmaybe when I get back from holidays22:47
DanielBairdwow i suck at concrete examples22:47
prologicwell ...22:48
prologicstep one (ihmo) I think would be22:48
prologicI write an initial prototype22:48
prologicthe endpoint of which is /api22:48
prologicyou borrow jsonary's javascript json schema client22:49
prologicyou do an initial get to /api22:49
prologicgrab the schema22:49
prologiclookup the link relations22:49
prologicand go from there22:49
prologicnever having hard coded urls in your code22:49
prologicand never tightly coupling the api to your ui code22:49
prologicbut not to worry - the jsonary client should handle all this22:49
prologicyou'd probably just want to modify it to suit your needs22:50
prologicas it's more centered around rendering22:50
DanielBairdi'm fiddling the deploy to build the webui in dev mode22:53
DanielBairdacutally i can not commit that change, nvm22:53
prologichang on22:53
prologiccan't dev mode be passed to deploy22:53
prologicor did we not do that?22:53
DanielBairdi'm using fab but it's still building the production webui22:54
prologicdidn't add that support in22:54
prologicyeah it does22:54
prologicwant me to fix that?22:54
DanielBairdsure, if it's worth it.. i can easily mod my local deploy.py22:54
prologicgive me like 5mins22:55
DanielBairdmostly i'm testing from my host in dev mode, just now though i wanna see where a JS error is coming from on teh VM22:55
DanielBairdalright i'll fetch and deploy23:00
prologicfetch again23:00
prologicI made dev a dev build by default23:00
prologicremember the configurable deployment options in deploy.ini ? :)23:01
prologicall seemed to work23:02
DanielBairdhey that reminds me, in my vm it looked like ccav was listening to port 8000 as well as port 8023:02
DanielBairdis that expected?23:02
DanielBairdactually it looked like ccav was listening to 8000 and something unnamed was listening to 80.  did you set up a proxy through apache or something?23:03
prologicyes yes23:04
prologicit's all reverse proxies through apache23:04
prologicif you edit your /etc/hosts file on your mac23:04
DanielBairdah cool23:04
prologicand create entires for your vm's hostname23:04
prologicyou should be able to do:23:04
prologicfor example23:04
prologicand get a feel for what it'll be like in real production23:04
prologicnotice how deploy.ini has options for domain23:04
prologicyou're so-called dev vm23:05
prologicwill be and is the production vm too23:05
DanielBairdfab ?23:11
DanielBairdhmm no it's already in the ini23:11
prologicyeah it is23:30

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