IRC Logs for #cmvt Monday, 2013-07-29

prologicI'm really unsure how you and I are going to complete ccav's features as it was originally laid out -- let alone the outstanding issues we've documented on the issue tracker on bitbucekt01:10
prologicwith me being put back on terra nova (climate hub) for a while it's really going to slow things down even further01:10
prologicI actually know very little about plane and the tasks I've been asked to do I'll have to annoy Gerhard about just to get started and probably every step of the way to ensure I do it right :)01:11
prologicI'm going to continue (however) getting ccav up on the new qcloud vm today (which I started on Friday) and wait for AB to send that spreadsheet around with the tasks and names against each before I begin annoying Gerhard and doing the TerraNova stuff01:12
prologicThe two biggest things for me with ccav are getting gensummaries rewritten and writing a mapscript api (WMS/WMS-T) API for you01:12
prologicThose two things alone will probably take the better of 2 weeks (conservatively)01:13 now points to the new qcloud VM and is up and running02:06
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