IRC Logs for #cmvt Monday, 2013-09-30

ircnotifier_ca2a02706a93 by prologic: Added progress bars01:00
ircnotifier_0d8bdcff8831 by prologic: Use a chunksize of 1 if the calculated chunksize is < 101:00
ircnotifier_f1fb20707717 by prologic: Removed unused scripts01:00
ircnotifier_c36df22aaa67 by prologic: Don't use chunksize for intersectraster01:00
ircnotifier_acd042e02af2 by prologic: Added test data configuration01:06
ircnotifier_1b5c46684f2c by prologic: Use a aynmically computed chunksize01:06
ircnotifier_e107efe53cb8 by prologic: Merged with 1b5c46684f2c01:06
ircnotifier_8ed30c1d3f3b by prologic: Don't use chunksize (has no effect)03:44
ircnotifier_a4879c91ee88 by prologic: Renamed datasources and added one for all RCP(s) for csiro-mk3003:59
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