IRC Logs for #cmvt Thursday, 2013-10-03

ircnotifier__a5f87c575bb1 by prologic: Updated URL(s) of 5km current model(s) to my re-packaged version that makes processing a bit easier00:00
ircnotifier__cc0ecea6049f by prologic: Implemented a tool to generate indexes for all models genindexes utilising the tileindex tool. Integrated this with the data generation task(s) -- Fixes Issue #1100:00
ircnotifier__75224fdd6b01 by wolskis: Several style changes, updated slickgrid package to latest version and added a number of parameters and a plugin to slickgrid init to allow for row selection and multiple selection.  Currently the grid is exporting on selection change events into console statements.  This is just temporary.06:21

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