IRC Logs for #cmvt Thursday, 2013-10-10

ircnotifier__dca6e1975342 by prologic: Make sure we do pip -U ... for everything04:14
ircnotifier__a1158cee8102 by prologic: Added another temporary test to profile read_raster and polygon_mask04:14
ircnotifier__a2d505161a81 by prologic: Added a useful function/decorator ccav.utils.memoize to be used as a caching mechanism for cachable functions/methods (e.g: non-RAW API9s))04:14
ircnotifier__7492c6baab7d by prologic: Only generate bioclim var defs for bioclims that we actually have in the models05:13
ircnotifier__fcea5b9c8410 by prologic: Added support for collated key whereby if provided uses it as an index into the tuple of data in each group as a key for writing out a list of key/value pairs collating datasets together based on the given key06:34
ircnotifier__8ed4fb004576 by prologic: Fixed the URL used for current model06:46
ircnotifier__70f0a6d329ed by prologic: Added a big XXX: FIXME makrer to help Sam work out how to fix the data loader in the UI06:46

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