IRC Logs for #cmvt Friday, 2013-10-11

ircnotifier__a45ce73e7b9e by prologic: Refactored all id matching and generation to just use the feature["id"]02:09
ircnotifier__48e922fedc80 by prologic: Added some helpful comments around the keys used to sort and group the dataset when generating the summary data03:54
ircnotifier__0bbf2e474c0c by prologic: Try to match the old summary data structures (collcated per region collection and keyed by region id)03:54
ircnotifier__9997dc402456 by prologic: Actually go back to the old data summary structure (replaced prevision revision)04:31
ircnotifier__2546afb5bcfd by wolskis: 'Back' link fix.05:04
ircnotifier__2f7eb4218750 by prologic: Adds content negotiation for raw / testapi (Static dispatcher copied from circuits.web and modified) -- Closes Issue #2906:23
ircnotifier__d8b9c071464f by prologic: Automated merge with

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