IRC Logs for #cmvt Tuesday, 2013-10-15

ircnotifier__6fba327b0c64 by prologic: Don't mask non values if there is no defined non value00:38
ircnotifier__9b7f87cd8427 by prologic: Implemented baseic unit test for ccav.utils.read_raster00:38
ircnotifier__77f274fb49ab by prologic: Fixed content negotiation to take into account precedence of requested content types03:35
ircnotifier__0d5558aa568f by prologic: Wrote a better unit test for read_raster (basic only) that creates a temporary GeoTiff of all possible grayscale colors to test with03:55
ircnotifier__037844a416a3 by prologic: Fixed outputting an output image (png). Don't set no data value if the source doesn't have one04:24
ircnotifier__718894359740 by prologic: Added another unit test function for ccav.utils.read_raster testing the geometry clipping and masking aspect04:24
ircnotifier__2234628f8c64 by prologic: Implemented unit tests for ccav.utils.memoize04:55
ircnotifier__f58e8b43153b by prologic: Implemented test for manual flushing of memoized cache for ccav.utils.memoize04:59
ircnotifier__e066a00c879b by prologic: We will only support the Pillow library (replaces PIL)05:00
ircnotifier__30280969640b by prologic: Removed superfluous moethods05:09
ircnotifier__c7fc92e6a524 by prologic: Output the right Content-Type for content negoiated output for the custom static dispatcher05:39
ircnotifier__80c6c2c9fb5e by prologic: Don't output parent in listing object06:02
ircnotifier__a5f1d1380682 by prologic: Refactored much of the custom static dispatcher code and fixed the output of absolute uri(s) in the listing and parent using the request.uri object06:02
ircnotifier__2bd2cb72ad2a by wolskis: Modifed graph data to pull region types from API.  Still a small change to make in to remove hardcoded region types from $.when method.06:09
ircnotifier__ea2b525b03d2 by prologic: Completed 100% unit test coverage of ccav.utils06:53

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