IRC Logs for #cmvt Thursday, 2013-10-17

ircnotifier__3fc9db92c8cc by prologic: Fixed bad copy 'n paste (O's instead of 0's) in genvars bioclim var defs00:36
ircnotifier__2b3a0b1789f6 by prologic: Make loaing up the list of region features for the JSON Hyper Schema based API a lot faster00:36
ircnotifier__b89a147546b4 by prologic: Added a progress bar for the genvars tool00:36
ircnotifier__b258f19289fc by prologic: Refactored code and removed unused code00:36
ircnotifier__2f466b676e58 by prologic: Added multiprocessing support for the genvars tool so it performs better on larger datasets00:36
ircnotifier__23decb8a6632 by prologic: Rename the collected stats json file across all rasters layers (intersected and non-intersected) to all_stats.json00:36
ircnotifier__1 commit(s) pushed to ccav00:36
ircnotifier__8751f9bcdd7a by prologic: Added datasource configurations for 2 GCMs and 3 GCMs00:36
ircnotifier__6d61a0ef2f83 by wolskis: Style and dom layout changes to accommodate larger datasets.01:58
ircnotifier__98f6e6fb7048 by wolskis: Merge01:58
ircnotifier__10c1ee7225e0 by prologic: Testing new way of computing all the min/max values for all raster layers02:40
ircnotifier__11a6f626b873 by prologic: Switch to using funcy02:40
ircnotifier__6e99d6c40f1f by prologic: Refactored gevars to use all_stats.json datasource and some functional computation to compute the min/max values of all raster layers02:40
ircnotifier__eafa4cfb8b4d by prologic: Automated merge with
ircnotifier__0991d5112c41 by wolskis: Small offset for chrome in parentWidth calculation.04:46
ircnotifier__ef6b9f6a9055 by wolskis: Merge04:46
ircnotifier__9b801cfb53a8 by wolskis: Added a call to re-render the graph on window.resize event.05:29
ircnotifier__840c13164f95 by wolskis: Simplifed resize call so that it doesn't duplicate params and modifed dom layout and margin calculations to get rid of the larger right margin in chrome.22:44

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