IRC Logs for #cmvt Friday, 2013-10-18

ircnotifier__9c64d9ffc6ab by prologic: Change the default data generation to default.json (2gcms.json)04:40
ircnotifier__1b10609b9e37 by prologic: Disable the msg context on deploy04:40
ircnotifier__237cf3644063 by prologic: Updated to use latest setuptools (not distribute)05:25
ircnotifier__56c1d274153f by wolskis: Abbrievated some of the biolcim shortnames.05:29
ircnotifier__0fd4a1115a9e by wolskis: Merge05:29
ircnotifier__bbb068b4d70d by prologic: Updated to the latest versions of python, gdal, geos, node and use setuptools instead of distribute06:43
ircnotifier__ad85098af6fa by prologic: Create some common directories in /usr/local06:43
ircnotifier__8da797ce8f8b by prologic: Fixed url to GDAL source06:43
ircnotifier__b660bacd2f17 by prologic: genvars has to run after gensummaries (maybe split the collection part out of gensummaries)11:49

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