IRC Logs for #cmvt Monday, 2013-10-21

ircnotifier__cd8dbb315d8a by prologic: Updated03:29
ircnotifier__2ad7f0c9e4cf by prologic: Removed determineRanges method and use min/max values form API. Fixes Issue #3403:29
ircnotifier__f122fdc8eda1 by prologic: Group stats by scneario, model, region, var and use the mean value to compuete min/max. Fixes Issue #3503:29
ircnotifier__d8dcf24427f8 by prologic: Automated merge with
ircnotifier__ebee5d281f6f by prologic: Set tile expansion to True so I can use ~ in path specifications (if necessary) -- Fixes Issue #3605:16
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