IRC Logs for #cmvt Tuesday, 2013-10-22

ircnotifier__a6736da5e569 by prologic: Removed all uses of settings and hide -- Need to rework this :)00:46
ircnotifier__23c95bf38f36 by prologic: Make data location and datasource options configurable in deployment options02:02
ircnotifier__7761f38d6fb6 by prologic: Fixed configure_apache signature02:07
ircnotifier__cff6538f6695 by prologic: Fixed apache and supervisord templates02:07
ircnotifier__ee0a30fadf6b by prologic: Fixed default data config path02:29
ircnotifier__f5c6bbda2738 by prologic: Fixed deploy.delete task02:45
ircnotifier__32695beac6a4 by prologic: Use ./datasources/dev.json for dev deployments03:01
ircnotifier__051bd4e25b12 by prologic: Also delete the data directory in the delete task03:39
ircnotifier__88ed7a7278f7 by prologic: Don't include sections with : (used as a subclass)03:43
ircnotifier__f5e24a368944 by prologic: Fixed setting of optional data config values03:52
ircnotifier__291ede8a040d by prologic: Try to resolve paths that have ~ or $HOME04:38
ircnotifier__0dbfb29495a6 by prologic: Added convenient bash script to run the playbook05:48
ircnotifier__1 commit(s) pushed to playbooks05:49
ircnotifier__df146e07054c by prologic: Make run executable05:49

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