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pdurbinCheck out the 30 day CPU graph:
pdurbinIt's a mystery to me why this server has been quite stable for over three years and in the past few days the CPU will quickly spike, the box is unresponsive, and I have to power cycle it.12:02
pdurbinNo recent changes come to mind.12:03
dotpluscompromise? auto-updates?12:57
pdurbinI don't *think* it's been compromised. I patch it manually. I don't usually think hard about the patches coming in. I just blindly apply them and reboot when the motd tells me to.12:59
pdurbinMore graphs here:
dotpluswell, if you've looked for compromise and don't see anything untoward (i'd compare /proc and ps to avoid the risk of a replaced ps, probably also for socket usage (instead of netstat/ss) to detect malicious network activity) it probably hasn't been. I'm not up on security activity, but my guess is that, except in the case of APT/targetted instrusion, most malefactors aren't even bothering to hide any13:06
pdurbinI haven't really looked hard so these are some nice tips. Thanks. I guess I'm kind of just hoping that the problem goes away on it's own. So far reboots have gotten me back in business. This server is where I run my IRC client so it's up right now.13:10
pdurbinAccording to I need to get off of Ubuntu 14.04 before April 2019 anyway.13:55
pdurbinMy last server was running CentOS 6. I've been happy enough with the switch to Ubuntu but what other distros do people like? Debian? Arch? Fedora? Others?14:43
dotplusdepends what the purpose/use case is; for running services, I'd consider containerising and basing off alpine or something even smaller (a python image for a python service, etc.), but for a VM that you want to ssh into in order to run irssi/screen and generally use the shell? I'd suggest going with familiar (although possibly Ubuntu->debian) unless your purpose is to try something new. In the latter17:06
dotpluscase, Arch or one of its derivatives ...17:06
dotplus... might be fun.17:06
pdurbinYeah, I want to be able to ssh into it and run weechat in a screen session. I'm having pretty good luck testing Ubuntu 18.04 in Vagrant.18:07
pdurbinAnd I'll be running services on it, like I do now. An IRC logger. Apache for static sites.18:08
pdurbinI'm not sure what Ubuntu->Debian means.18:09
larskspdurbin: have you looked into an irc bouncer like znc? I run that on a digital ocean droplet, then run my irc client locally.18:30
pdurbinIt's an idea semiosis put in my head years ago but I never implemented it. I don't know. I'm not opposed to it. I've just been happy enough with weechat in screen. Do you see a lot of advantages?18:32
larsksI like being able to connect from different devices (e.g., I run irc clients on my phone, on my desktop, and on my laptop).  While you *can* ssh from your phone, I've never really enjoyed that :)18:36
larsksI've a push notification service linked up to my bouncer, so for private messages and mentions I get a ping on my phone.18:36
larsksRunning my irc client locally means I can use the mouse occassionally for picking buffer and switching between windows (even when using weechat).18:37
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pdurbin_mYeah, I never ssh from my phone but I sometimes join IRC from a second nick, like this.18:47
larsksRight. I like being able to use a single nick regardless of whether or not I'm connected multiple times. It makes irc behave more like more modern platforms :)18:48
pdurbin_mSure. I guess I haven't seen much of a downside of two nicks though.18:50
pdurbin_mAnd I'd rather type less on my phone. I was thrilled to start using the new Android web interface for SMS.19:02
pdurbin_mGood to know that ZNC still has legs. :)19:03
pdurbin_mOh, I'm fairly anti-notification on mobile too. I figure I'll see it when I get back to my desk.19:12
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dotplusbtw Ubuntu->Debian, I just meant that for a machine that is long lived (and is not explicitly for experimentation/learning), you might switch from Ubuntu to Debian because they change things less.20:34
melodiehello here!20:36
melodiewhat's up?20:36
melodiewhere are the logs now?20:36
pdurbinmelodie: hi! The logs are now at
pdurbinI've been meaning to update the topic.20:47
melodiehi pdurbin20:48
melodieplease, do update the topic:20:48
melodieand well, hello pdurbin ! how are you? :)20:49
pdurbingood! I might have some software translation questions for you.20:49
melodiesure, whe20:49
melodiewhen ever you want!20:49
pdurbinHave you heard of the tools listed at
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melodiepdurbin I try to look20:52
melodiewell I usually use tools in the local system20:53
melodieusing the pot files20:53
pdurbinRight, I remember you talking about that.20:54
melodienot online collaborative tools although I did use a pair of them in the paste20:54
melodiePoedit is the tool I use locally20:54
pdurbinWhat's new with you?20:56
melodieI was now looking for some tutorial about po and pot files20:57
melodiehere it is:20:57
melodiewhat's new with me: off logs (private msg)20:57
pdurbindotplus: ah, yes I guess I am somewhat considering a move from Ubuntu to Debian but in practice I'm making good progress on switching from 14.04 to 18.04. I'm testing in Vagrant. I do value stability a lot.21:31
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dotplusI actually made progress today too! I got most of the last few parts of the code for my Terraform+CI/CD class written.23:15
dotplusand yes, once it's ready, the code will be published, with helpful git tags so a student can step through it. Not sure about slides/video, that's still TBD.23:17
dotplusI suppose on that note, anyone "we" know going to USENIX LISA18 next week?23:18

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