IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Thursday, 2018-11-01

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pdurbinlarsks: morning. How did the talk go?16:08
larsksIt was fine! It was very short.16:10
larsksThis was part of a series of 10-minute presentations.16:10
pdurbinCool. Any slides?16:12
larsksNot really.  I was just talking about the MOC openstack deployment.16:13
pdurbinGotcha. Do you know if any of the talks were recorded?16:15
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larsksI'm not sure.  I think so?  I'll see if I can find out.16:28
pdurbinlarsks: thanks! Also, do you know if "Open DataHub" is open source? It sounds open. :)16:34
larsksI don't know much about that project.16:37
pdurbinok, no worries, I know the guy who presented it16:38
larskspdurbin: the moc talks were recorded, but they're not up yet.18:11
pdurbinlarsks: nice! If you catch wind of them going up, please lemme know.18:18

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