IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Sunday, 2018-11-25

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melodiehi everyone!18:03
pdurbinhi melodie18:04
pdurbinHow's it going?18:04
melodiehi pdurbin !18:04
melodiewell, I'm ok, my car not so much, and funds are low. I'll raise a crowdfunding soon to get people to support my project!18:05
melodiepdurbin what about you? How is everything going?18:06
pdurbinI'm good. We spent two nights in NYC with friends for Thanksgiving.18:07
pdurbinWe took the kids to the new spy museum.18:08
melodieI di18:09
melodiedn't know there was a spy museum !18:09
pdurbinIt opened in Feb.18:10
pdurbinThe best part was avoiding lasers while hitting buttons in a tunnel.18:12
melodielol! sounds fun!18:47
pdurbinThis is what it looks like:
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