IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Friday, 2019-02-01

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dotpluspdurbin: hm? no idea. I don't run an IRC logger specifically. My _client_ keeps (locally available) logs.17:19
pdurbindotplus: did I mention you when I meant to mention prologic? He's the one who runs irclogger_do17:21
dotplussorry to be laggy, currently out of town. Actually much nearer you than usual: MHT although I'll be flying BOS->SEA on Sunday afternoon.17:22
dotplusI thought it was him, but you tagged me yes :)17:22
pdurbinWhat time will you be at Logan? I'm flying to Berlin during the Superbowl.17:26
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dotplus"during the $sports_game" is not generally a good way for me to understand:)  My flight is about 2.45pm so I'll probaby try to get there no later than 1pm, but if you want/can meet up for lunch, that would be awesome synchronicity and I'll get to Logan a little earlier.17:57
pdurbindotplus: my flight is at 6:20pm... quite a bit later so maybe next time. :)18:52
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dotplusok, shame. but fair enough. (heh, as .UKian I think of football as being in the afternoon, not in the evening)20:15
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