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prologicdotplus I run my own DNS @ Home too11:25
prologicused to run CoreDNS but now use AdGuardHome11:26
prologicvery nice software11:26
prologicbiggest value for me -- cuts out ~20% of ad-based traffic, very fast, and custom blacklisting11:26
pdurbinseems to be open source:
prologicit is ofc :)11:30
prologicI'd hardly use anything non-OSS :D11:30
prologicI've made tiny contirbutions to it too, docker image improvements, clearly documented feature requests11:30
prologicone Im' looking forward to is "parental controls" where you can control what your children's devices can access when and for how long11:31
prologicwe have a Youtube problem that we a) can't control the content that oges on youtube and b) youtube is addictive to young minds11:31
pdurbinMy 7th grader just got a smart phone and we don't have YouTube on it.11:33
prologicbut my 4yr old acceses it via Safari :)11:34
prologickids are smart ;P11:34
prologiccurrently ot be simple I just blacklist YT and FB11:34
prologicand Ads are all blocked so pages are "less noisey" and faster to load11:34
prologicespecially noticable on news ies11:35
dotplusI just use dnsmasq and to avoid ads I list a bunch of domains that it "null-routes" for me.16:20
dotplusit's a highly suboptimal approach, but it was trivial effort and I haven't yet found sufficient motivation to do anything that would be more effective.16:21
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pdurbinI just spend as much time as possible in my own wiki where there are no ads. ;)16:30
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prologicdotplus that works too but AdGuard maintain the lists for me :)20:55
prologicso what's blocked is way more comprehensive than anything I could come up with!20:56
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