IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Saturday, 2019-06-15

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melodieI am looking for an advice around buying a videoprojector18:22
melodieto organise courses around computing and events around free libre videos (blender animation studio videos in particular).18:23
melodiedoes someone have knowledge about this topic?18:23
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pdurbinmelodie: hi, sorry, my video camera is as old as my first born... 13 years. And I don't use it as much as when she and her sister were babies. :)19:30
melodiehi pdurbin !19:39
melodiemaybe you can sell it to me for a small price then :D19:40
melodiewhat I am really looking for:19:40
melodieI need to show desktop environments to a public of newbees all ages19:40
melodieand some videos for the fun, ie: the Blender Animation Studio free libre entertainement videos19:41
melodieI had bought one, but really not good, fuzzy, not easy to make it sharp and the middle would be sharp while the edges were fuzzy19:41
melodieI sent it back and asked for the refund19:41
melodiealso I need it to work fine with day light19:42
pdurbinThese days I just use my smart phone mostly. It's not as nice but it's ok.19:57
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