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melodieI am here to ask for some info about screens and videoprojectors14:16
melodiedo you use them? Can you offer me a piece of advise?14:17
melodieI need to display a large screen to show the content of the computer, on a white wall or other large screen surfaces, sometimes it can be while there is daylight14:19
melodieare videoprojectors "has been"? Are there other interesting technical solutions?14:19
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pdurbinmelodie: I have this projector at home but it's really really old now: . It still works but we're planning on switching to a TV or monitor when we move into our new house.20:49
melodiehi pdurbin21:13
melodieI see21:13
melodieindeed it's old21:13
melodieI am looking for one to use in a room where the daylight is pooring, even when thick curtains are partly closed (workshop bottom floor, there is a glass door)21:14
melodieso I think I need one with leds, or led/laser, not sure, and a  high ratio contrast + lots of lumens21:15
melodieif second hand, even better as long as it works right to project images and videos on a white wall21:15
melodiebut I am not sure how many lumens and how high the ratio I should really consider21:16
melodiealso brands, models... quality for the image...21:16
melodieI have no experience of the kind (very very limited)21:16
melodieand I can't afford to buy the wrong model21:17
melodiepdurbin I guess you can have very large monitors for a good price now, can't you? (Are you buying a house these days?)21:18
pdurbinWe recently bought a new house but haven't moved yet. We want to do a little work on it. The old (current) house only has one bathroom and my girls are getting older.21:24
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melodiepdurbin great, congrats :)23:15
pdurbinThanks. Sorry I can't be more help with the projector stuff. I forget if I told you but my 13 year old is taking French and she can't wait to go to France some day. :)23:37

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