IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Thursday, 2019-07-25

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prologicOh they are?06:41
prologicThat makes them pretty damn similar then06:41
prologicSee its the other way around06:41
prologicA blockchain uses a merkle tree06:42
prologicBut that's about the only similarities I guess between Blockchain and Git06:42
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pdurbinmeh, close enough :)10:24
prologicyeah indeed :)12:11
prologicI was just curious if anyone knew anything about 'em :)12:11
prologicSo I started pokging around then wrote a blockchain library for the hell of it12:12
prologicjust to see what he fuss is all about :)12:12
pdurbinthere certainly is a lot of fuss12:25
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