IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Wednesday, 2019-08-07

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pdurbinDoes anyone here use Prometheus? If so, what do you use for charts?17:20
pdurbinI'm coming from a Munin background where charts just magically appear, like this:
pdurbinThey're only a `yum install` or apt-get away. So easy and simple. :)18:56
dotplusgrafana's website has lots of prebuilt configuration that you can peruse/steal18:57
dotplusanyway, interview time. yes, I'm looking, mostly because [my role/part of] $MegaCorp is, shall we say, not as fun as it was  - if anyone has/knows of an interesting opportunity for an experienced Infra/Ops/SRE type person, you know where to reach me:)19:00

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