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melodiehello pdurbin14:39
melodieI have had a thought to share with you while reading here:
melodiereminder, I had never heard about MOOCs before you told me about it a pair of years ago14:40
pdurbinThe MOOC I know the best is edX, I guess.14:41
melodieI would guess so, however openclassrooms, long ago known as "le site du zéro" (where we learned anything from the bottom) is a very interesting one for French first, and other places then as the courses are structures in very small pieces and easy to follow.14:44
melodiealso they work hand in hand with all kinds of schools/universities, perhaps it would be worth you have a closer look when you can14:45
melodiewe can get courses, paths, state endorsed degrees, internationally recognized degrees (depending if we take their premium plus), enroll as mentors, and even apply for a job.14:47
melodiefor now I have a premium solo14:48
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