IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Monday, 2019-09-16

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melodiewho here deals with NFS sometimes?19:35
melodieI'd like to know if it's a big deal to get it to work right (let's say, NFS3 and NFS4 for instance?)19:36
pdurbinIt's been a while for me.19:37
melodiehello pdurbin how are you?19:38
melodienever mind, I'll ask at different places and see if I can setup a test ring19:38
melodiehave a good one19:43
pdurbinyou too :)19:52
melodiethanks! :)20:08
melodie22:10 here20:08
pdurbinmelodie: oh, did I tell you how many installations of Dataverse we have in France now?20:17
pdurbin5. 3 in Paris and 2 in the south of France. :)20:17
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