IRC Logs for #crimsonfu Friday, 2019-09-20

*** melodie has joined #crimsonfu21:07
pdurbinhow's it going melodie :)21:30
melodiefine pdurbin fine, and you?21:31
pdurbinNot bad. In Slack today people were saying that there aren't many sysadmins who are women.21:34
pdurbinBut in my department it's fairly equal, which is nice.21:34
pdurbinIn this channel it's mostly men.21:46
pdurbinmelodie: so I'm glad you're here. You make this channel more diverse. :)21:46
melodiethank you pdurbin21:49
pdurbinThis is the group I was Slacking with: https://wit.abcd.harvard.edu21:50
melodiegood night/evening!23:28
*** melodie has quit IRC23:28

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