IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2006-09-17

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aonspam on -commits :/05:30
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tilmanjaeger: aren't you an xchat user?13:40
tilmanif so, would you mind taking over xchat?13:40
jaegerI am, and I can13:51
tilmani already did the update to 2.6.6, btw13:51
jaegerok, great :)13:52
jaegerman, the weather is great today13:53
jaegerrainy and 16C, I love it13:53
jaegerhave a bunch of my windows open :)13:53
jaegerI'll go ahead and change the headers in the xchat Pkgfile if there's no objection13:58
tilmanwe have 23 ports in opt that are maintained by "core"13:59
tilmanall of them should get a "real" maintainer13:59
tilmani'll write to the list about this in a few minutes13:59
jaegerwe do have libsexy in the gnome ports :)13:59
tilmanjaeger: do you want to take over libjpeg, too? (as you have libjpeg-mmx already). otherwise i'll take it14:10
jaegerI'll leave it to you, since libjpeg-mmx is only really around for transcode14:13
jaegerhrmm... mesa3d doesn't like me today14:26
* tilman whistles14:29
tilmanwhat does it do?14:29
jaegerit's complaining about not being able to find libglut14:29
tilmanaw crap i suck14:29
jaeger@seen #crux obbl14:33
clbjaeger: I have not seen obbl.14:33
tilmanjaeger: fixed14:34
jaegerthanks, I'll try it again14:35
jaegerwill take a few mins :) watching some Hagane no renkin jutsushi in the meantime14:37
tilmannp, it _will_ work14:41
jaegerlooks like it did, no problem14:44
jaegerwhat was the problem? I didn't think to look at it before updating the repo14:44
tilmanmesa's weird build system wants to link glxinfo and glxgears to libglut14:45
tilmanbut they don't use libglut14:45
tilmanso i tell mesa that libglut is libm instead14:45
tilmananother workaround would be to require freeglut ;)14:45
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