IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2006-09-18

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j^2hey guys08:46
j^2how you doing matt?08:48
jaegernot bad so far, you?08:51
j^2i've now have to impliment a employee network montioring system, start making sure they arent surfing the web, alas i have no idea where to start08:53
jaegersounds like that could be a lot of work08:56
j^2it's a windows network so i'm looking for a wysiwyg system08:57
j^2and money is more or less not an issue08:57
j^2and i still really havent gotten my DNS running, i get a NXDOMAIN error. it's becase it doesnt think the domain exists09:04
j^2lame eh?09:04
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