IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2006-09-25

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j^2what's up guys?11:15
tilmandicks and helicopters11:16
j^2sounds like my tuesday nights ;)11:16
j^2how is everyone?11:18
tilmanwell enough11:18
j^2pretty good, got my demo done so i'm happy11:19
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j^2hey guys14:23
j^2hey matt, have you ever played with nagios?14:25
jaegernot yet. I've heard of it14:25
* aon has14:25
* j^2 too14:25
j^2but never on ubuntu :(14:25
j^2it's pretty fraking cool14:26
aonmy summer job boss now gets an sms if the ups starts to run on batteries :)14:26
aonbecause of me+nagios+a mailserver feature14:26
aonoh, and it monitors nt services there without installing the agent on the servers14:27
aonbut that needed samba-tng14:28
j^2interesting, i'm gonna take a shot at it today, with mysql this time14:29
jaegerI should probably set it up here for my servers but have been lazy14:30
aonyeah, editing the config files is a bit tedious14:30
j^2yep but it's worth it14:34
j^2and it's a good "hobby" project14:34
aonanother cool feature of the nagios setup there was that the factory computers were in their exact places on the map14:36
aonso i could just print out the computers with problems and found them without bothering someone every time :)14:36
j^2did you do the mysql version?14:37
aonwhat does it store in mysql?14:38
j^2the configs i think14:38
j^2not too sure actually14:38
aoni wonder whether there was some web configuration front end that stored the data in mysql and generated nagios configs from that14:39
aoni just edited the files by hand14:40
j^2yeah that's how i did it the first time14:43
j^2i'm gonna build it from scratch like i did the first time14:43
j^2dont want to frak around with binary14:44
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jaegertilman: how's the r200 support with the current xorg?15:44
jaegerreinstalling my laptop today15:44
tilmanr200 = \o/15:45
tilmanat least it should be15:45
tilmani don't know it first hand ;)15:45
jaegerguess I'll find out :)15:46
jaegeris xorg-xf86-video-radeon the r200 driver?15:47
jaegerah, ok15:48
tilmanthe "ati" driver is kind of a proxy15:49
tilmanif it detects a radeon chip, it will load the 'radeon' driver15:49
jaegerworked the same way in x11r6, I believe15:50
jaegerI've just not used x11r7 on the laptop yet so only used the nvidia drivers15:50
tilmanah, the only difference is to pick another xorg-xf86-video-foo port, and install mesa3d, too15:52
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j^2hey guys18:34
j^2had a good evening matt?18:34
jaegerok so far, but we'll see. you?18:35
j^2pretty good, gonna convert my ubuntu mmachines to crux, i'm tired of the binarys18:36
j^2it's crazy, i'm a cruxer, ubuntu confuses me18:41
jaegerI like ubuntu but still prefer crux for my own stuff18:41
jaegerI switched my boss (with her interest) from fedora core to ubuntu, seems to like it so far18:41
j^2yeh for a desktop i totally agree, but on the server side, i cant find anything with's really odd18:43
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