IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2006-09-26

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jaeger@seen cptn09:12
clbjaeger: cptn was last seen in #crux-devel 1 week, 3 days, 2 hours, 41 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <cptn> although this may disable potentially nice features09:12
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j^2morning guys09:28
aonmorning j^209:28
j^2everyone doing well this morning09:28
jaegernot too badly so far09:31
j^2my eyes hurt :P09:37
j^2i've got my first lunchen meeting today too09:39
j^2it's about our voip...09:39
j^2yay me09:39
j^2it's at a steak house though09:39
aonthere are other kinds of restaurants in texas?09:40
j^2....we do have mcdonalds :P09:41
jaegerI "get" to learn to install Oracle 10g today09:48
jaegerhopefully it won't be much trouble but I'm used to 9i so we'll see09:48
j^2we use mssql here ;)09:48
jaegerIf it were up to me I'd use mysql or postgresql but these commercial products usually use more expensive stuff :P09:49
jaegerBut if given the choice I'll use oracle over mssql just because I know jack about mssql09:49
j^2i'm falling in love with mysql09:49
j^2ah yah09:49
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j^2hey have any of yall read William Gibsons Neuromancer?09:56
jaegeryeah, years ago09:59
j^2any good?09:59
jaegerI remember liking it a fair amount10:00
jaegerif nothing else it's worth reading so you catch references to it :)10:00
jaegerI named my laptop wintermute from it :)10:05
j^2nice thanks, i think i'm gonna pick it up today :-D10:08
j^2off to the conferance!10:08
j^2ttyall later10:08
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tilmanhola que tal?15:18
j^2....not much.... cervasa?15:19
tilmanyes, i had one15:19
j^2i'm's been a long day15:21
j^2i'm still at work though :P15:22
tilman:D :D15:22
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